The Zoarchs were a group of Remnant biomancers who channeled the life cycle energy so effectively that they were able to create new life forms.  Most of the species created are amalgams of existing species, grafted together, or are monstrous versions of existing species.  Multiple species created were completely original or twisted so far beyond their original forms that the original is unrecognizable.  The growth of the power of the Zoarchs was rapid and once the issue came to the forefront of discussion, civil war broke out among the Remnant.  Sides were split over a conflicting view of power.  Those who viewed the powers of the Archons as something to be explored and experimented with that the Remnant might rise to new heights in power and a level of living beyond mere survival sided with the Zoarchs.  Those who viewed took the more conservative view of power corrupting and being dangerous held that it must be limited and tightly controlled.  Many of those who took this side invested a large portion of their power into one leader who came to be called the God King.  After a long and bloody war, all practicing zoarchs were killed or stripped of their powers by the God King and the Archons and all known records of their practices were taken back through the Eye of the Life Cycle at Botanicus into the plane of Tehsh itself by the head Zoarch Bidos*.  However, a few zoarchs escaped the purging after the war and have continued to practice in hiding, passing along teachings, and hoping for a better future.  To some this is merely hoping to practice openly and for the further development of the Remnant race, for others the better future means the complete destruction of the civilization  who has killed and hunted their predecessors.


*Bidos now serves as an avatar of Tehsh.  He is forced to be the angel of death to the innocent for all eternity.  This was his punishment agreed upon by the God King and the Aygeemya for all the suffering he brought into the world.  Bidos is used as a cautionary tale to young remnant as a sort of bogyman.  He is noted as having tears etched into the sides of his face as a symbol of his grief for his actions.

Bidos, head of the Zoarchs, as an avatar

A kheknekthal, one of the common self-mutated forms taken by higher up members of the Zoarchs.

 The plague is most probably a zoarch involved mutation.