The Stringent 


Veritus the Stringent is the Avatar of Truth. He is best known for founding "The Delve," those who inquire into theological soundness and fight the heretics and Zoarchs.

Veritus is referred to as "The Mete" for his unique work in determining the boundary between orthodoxy and heresy. While not a theologian, he employed the use of "The Catech" to determine the propriety of an individual's belief.

Veritus was consumed by his love and quest for truth, a zeal that sometimes found him troubled, when his ideals failed to match the reality he lived in.

Nevertheless, Veritus passionately followed truth at every turn, making him a truly worthy Avatar and mirror of Sayya.

Legend holds that Veritus died at 33, upon being united with truth in finality. Nothing is known of the cause of his death, lending even more credence to the claim that he was incorporated into truth.

It was God-King Khoolanayan who declared him Avatar of Truth, and set his feast as the first full moon of the final lunar cycle of the year, the boundary between the year gone and the year to come.