Venti Linen Sack of the Dragonslayer [20 slot bag]

The collective loot holder..

 I figured as a fantasy realm, there has to be something with a name like that.  And I can't help but make fun of Starbucks in here somewhere.  Anyway, I wanted a place to post up some things the adventurers found along the way...


A very old map of the tombs of Demeth.  The inscriptions on the left indicate entrances, the middle bottom inscription is a signature reading "by Finaythes the second" and the far right says "khayheleen demeth" or tomb of Demeth

This scrap was found on an ancient hermit outside the tombs of Demeth.  It is unknown what the diagrams are of and the note on the right side is mostly missing.  Clockwise from the top right, the inscriptions read "the tarsi?", "procoming! !", "Johvooway" (presumably a name?), "...but not ever to do it!   - Ombra", "six or seven? bewaya  seven!", "14! 14? !4!"

Also a link to the prophecy of the kushi'aweh




 Engraved Into The Stone In Hightongue

When the Alathay step from their cradle

And they grow tall enough for their heads to touch the north

Then the age of our protection is over, for our brother has reached the year

He takes up his spear alongside us, and unleashes what we have reigned in.

The time of his infancy has passed, the time for war begins.