Name: Trolis

Gender: Male

Schools: Martial Artist, Illusionism

Alignment: Water

Age: 22

Height:5' 10"

Weight: 160lbs

Physical Description:  Tattoos of all sorts cover the well-adorned body of Trolis, several of which mark him as the member of various cults, religious, or social organizations.  His blue crest and pierced aural crests denote him as a follower of Wee, although other symbols on him may indicate otherwise.  He is often shirtless, exposing various beaded wraps and trinkets.  At times he wears a shimmering silver robe that marks him as a member of the Order of the Fading Star.


Spheres: Religious

Beliefs: People deserve to be helped and cared for.  Our people's faith is too selfish, but it can be used to help each other. 

Traits: Colorblind, benevolent, caring, idealistic, curious

Character Description:

The quite nomadic Trolis has been a part of countless organizations, especially religious ones, through his years.  Quick to join a cause in idealistic hope, he is also quick to become disillusioned when he finds those groups unable to live up to his ideals.  Seeking to find himself in the people he surrounds himself with, he is still somewhat of a mystery to himself and others.  As a side note, Trolis is colorblind.





 Interview With Trolis



 Mental:  2D

  • Tracking
  • Survivial

 Perception:  1D


 Strength:  2D


 Dexterity:  5D

  • Dodge
  • Unarmed
  • Fist Of Rock   T3
  • Watchful Eye   T2
  • Skin Of Stone   T2
  • Fluid Movement
  • Flying Leap
  • Unpredictability   T2


 Will:   4D

  • Iron Will
  • Resist Poison
  • Resist Illusion


Mysticism:   4D

  • Dual Personality
  • Magical Sophisticate
  • Illusion Of Damage
  • Illusion Of Time 4D+2






Bewaya: 26

Jofya: 40

Imbuances:  Imbuance of Water on fists, +1D to damage

Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Shimmering Silver Robe

Various patterned wraps

Assorted jewelry

Traveling boots


Imbued Quiver              +1D+1 to hit

5 Potions


  • On Illusions
  • Theory and Magic
  • Illusionation