The Tomb of Arenethka

Deep beneath the ruins of Nekthet lay secrets that will change the world.

 Arenethka was the first king of Nekthet to embrace the ideas of the Kushi'Aweh.  He was the idealistic young heir to the throne when he journeyed with Aweh and his wool-robed followers north in a campaign against marauding tribes.  Their tremendous powers greatly impressed Arenethka and upon his assumption of the throne, the teachings of the Kushi'Aweh  became the dominant cultural touchstone.  The ideas spread to other cities and the mystical world was opened to the Alathaya.  Aside from the writings of the Kushi'Telioth (most holy of scrolls, may it ever guide us), and the bark flag, the writing, engraving, and painting inside the tomb is the only information on the Kushi'Aweh.  Identified only here are inscriptions claiming that the Kushi'Aweh learned to tap into the mystical world not from aygeemya as many now assume but from creatures identifying themselves as "The Remnant".  The appear in a few wall paintings and posess flat faces with no features other than eyes.  The Kushi'Aweh seems to have made contact with them in travels across the deserts to the north.  Most interesting perhaps is a reperesentation of eleven aygeemya in front of a larger aygeema.  The larger one was created with an odd material and can only be seen in reflections on larantha.  The tomb itself houses the three Aygeemya of space (nexkhsus, apekhs, and vertekhs), representing the three dimensions, which can only be seen by mortals when all three appear in the exact same spot.