The Journeys of Lektalis

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On the second day of the third month, nearing the end of the rainy season and Sunsdawn, a day of great glory for Voo and Zihth, you sleep in a nook in the padded recesses of the Temple of Fire in Ir Alatha. Flashes of flame sweep across your field of vision in your dreams, the sparks around your view are a familiar presence as you slip into a vision.

A dark fortress, half built upon a hill

A dock city, shoddily made and partially submerged

A voice almost breathless. "...and the blood of the innocents stains his footsteps..."

The face of the Arch Prophet Zakkai looking up in terror as an arrow pierces between his eyes

A young remnant boy looking around confused as several dark and heavily tattooed Alathaya surround him

A gigantic stone ring covered in runes that glow a deep red

You and several others walking over a vast stretch of wilderness, with hot springs gushing steam around you, glowing orbs hanging in the air, and what you would not know to be scattered piles of snow.

An hourglass swung as a censor by a scarlet robed figure through catacombs.

The elderly prophet Ombra and you, back to back, reigning down fire and flaming brimstone

Those flames build till they form the hissing face of Zihth. "To the north, Lektalis, Fire's hand. To the north, where the heat is drawn from your bones, and my flames have long lain far too dormant. One of my brothers is to be awakened and you shall be the instrument of my wrath upon those who would do otherwise and the warmth of power to the companions who need your aid. It is time!"

You awake, your body almost feverish. Many of the priests are sleeping, save a few in late night prayer vigils. You stretch and see upon the altar near the ring containing the bonfire that Zihth rises from a stack of coins. They glow lightly orange as if cooling down from a great heat and one sparks slightly. You understand that certainly and take the warm coins. 42 jofya. Six times six plus six. Surely a good sign. You step outside as the sun begins to stretch its furthest tendrils into the horizon. The priests of Voo stand outside their temple in observance of the sunrise, chanting deep notes against the otherwise stillness of a quite early morning. You begin to head into the heart of the city, where the large open market is already buzzing with activity. The clank of coins, it seems, is just as inspiring to some as dedication to a god. You know today will be a long day and the beginning of several more. Supplies then must be gathered for your journey.


Ok, buy food, water, etc. Pipe tobacco, any regents needed for spells. Any flame channeling herbs. I would like to speak to Ombra and see if he knows about the dream. I would like to inquire in the library about the sundry menaings of (6 x 6 +6) and and any reference to what seems like past events with snow, remnants, the boy, and the tattoos on the alathans. Anything else you would suggest?

The link below ( tells what you have so far. The number six is a symbol of perfection and wholeness, there were traditionally six aygeema. The numerical system is base twelve, and six is thus the largest number it is divisible by and comes up often in significant patterns and often in religious rituals. Ill get back to you on most of the rest.

Spells require no reagents, functionally there are all matters of manipulating the elemental energies in ones surrounding area by manipulating the same energies within oneself. Certain potions can increase your ability to successfully cast a spell (they effectively raise your mysticism) and some increase spell damage.
10 jofya should get you rations for a week (12 days) plus a wineskin of decent red wine. the 42 jofya added to the 24 in your pouch give you 66. That leaves 55 after rations, let me know what you want for potions. A +1 to hit or damage is 12 jofya, a +2 is 24 jofya. You will want to keep a little for your travels. We will say that you are set on pipe zikh (tobacco). I think thats everything for supplies. Ill cover your research in the next message.

You step from the constant commotion of Ir Alatha's ever bustling market district, overwhelming in the mingled voices, hammering, squaking, and haggling, and the smells of smoke, spices, roasting meat, lamdril dung, and dust, into the Great Library. Its walls lined in ancient tomes and tapestries, the stillness of the library is a great contrast to the market. Racks of scrolls stretch the length or the curved building, built into the spiral of the center of the metropolis itself. A robed scholar peers at you through spectacles, bowing slowly.
"Welcome sani (honored) prophet, anything I may assist you with today? ... tattoo patterns? very well, come this way"
Scrolling through various manuscripts on tattoo symbology, you notice several similar designs to those viewed in your vision, most notably the eye-ridges tattooed completely black. The text indicates this is a tradition of the Jaadin, which you read more about in another text (see enclosed link).
You find what you can about the remnant (, but it is all written within the past month or two since contact. No children have been seen, in fact only diplomats calling themselves harbingers have been encountered in Alathay lands. The Alathay expeditions to Remnant lands will hopefully bring back further information when they return, but that will be months probably. Snow on the other hand, does not even have a word in your language. It has never been seen in settled lands and certainly not by you, so there is little to be found there. It merely suggests to you a strange landscape.
But you were with Ombra, perhaps he might be of some help. But where to find him? Perhaps the temple of Wee, the water Aygeema he serves, although living right across from it, you nearly never see him there. The Academy of Prophecy, no, he is by no means the scholarly type. You remember him mentioning something about living with a glassblower and also that he spent a lot of time at some tavern. Thats probably the best bet, the tavern, the Desert Oasis you think it was called.
You step down from street level into the coolness of the Desert Oasis to ask Ombra what he knows about these Jaadin from Sadina, the Remnant, and piles of white stuff on the ground. Three men sit at the bar, one rather badly scarred, a patch over one eye and a hook on his hand, another dressed a a woodsman, smoking a long pipe, the third dressed brightly in orange, bronze, and copper, and who is probably no older than sixteen.
"Hey chum," nods the one-eyed one, "Can I help you? ... Ombra, eh? Sent him and a couple o' his mates north to Mephistele in Sadina. Supposed to be guarding a caravan on a new trade route. trying to get some new ones in while the council is gettin ready to make new trade plans. Anything else I can help ya with?

So go ahead and get me rations and wine, and the mysticism and spell damage potions.

Is there a ship that can take me to Sadina immediately. (if not, is it possible to commandeer a ship with my priestly rank?) Also, why did the Caravan need protection? Who is this one-eye that he doles out jobs for caravan protection?

Also, do I know Highspeak? If not, is there anyway I can learn? (lore, books, etc...)

1. No known alathay really knows highspeak thus far. The remnant communicate with others telepathically, highspeak is used more ceremoniously or for official purposes, documentation, etc. There are still a few Remnant Harbingers in the majors cities right now, 3 in Ir Alatha at this time. You might be able to persuade one to give you more information.
2. The requested items have been added to your character sheet and jofya deducted
3. You should be able to get passage for Sadina immediately. We can just say the Temple Conglomerate arranged a ride for you. Do remember there is a distinction between priest and prophet, think Old Testament ideas of the two. Priests are nearly always found near temples and shrines, acting as the voice of the people to the Aygeemya, giving offerings, intercession, and the like. Prophets are more often less establishment based, acting as the hands or voices of the Aygeemya to the people.
4. Ill write a brief section in role play later to answer what I didnt in this email.

Great, I would love to go talk to a harbinger. If there are any issues, just roll lore for me (to show him I already know whats going on) and see if I can persuade him. Tell him I want to know because I have business with the Remnant as a prophet. Tell him Zihth sent me on a mission (not too many details) and that as a sign of respect and high deference to the Remnant, I desire to know their language that I might participate fully in restoring relations between the two races, gain knowledge of the past, and follow the calling of Zihth.

Also, how much do we know about Sayya? Is it like the Neo-platonic Divine One? I would like to study about that as well. Look up the possibilities of channeling Sayya.

I'll give you a call today to talk about dates to come.

Sayya is very similar indeed to a neo-platonic monad, one, source, demiurge, etc as well as to the Brahman of hinduism, and energy in general. In Alathan conception, Sayya is energy, purely and simply. It is thought, knowledge, the bond between people (any time we might use the term chemistry or sparks or the like to describe the bond between two people would be similar etymologically). All the aygeemya are sayya, sayya is all the aygeemya and yet more, and each individual aygeema is part of sayya but is not sayya, merely an aspect of sayya, a manifestation of one part of sayya. sayya literally traslates as energy, (just as each aygeemya's name is actually the word for that element), and is called the infinite soul, the source, the fabric of reality. Part of the Alathan cosmology in my mind is a blending of classical elemental theory (the four elements, or in this case six or ten or twelve depending on what view is taken, being the building blocks of the world we see) and modern scientific cosmology. The world as we see it scientifically is composed of matter and energy. Einstein et al showed us one becoming the other. As we further reduce matter to smaller and smaller particles, it becomes increasingly easier to treat it as mere vibration, aka energy. Versions of the string theory have intruiged me with the proposition of multiple unseen dimensions. Each aygeema is therefor a dimension of reality, thus an aygeema of length, width, depth, time, and the classical elements earth, air, fire, water, and the more basic elemental phases i thought that should be included light, (darkness was a thought earlier on but now seen as just an aspect of light), ice, and life and death (which were condensed to the more morally grey "life cycle". Sayya manifested each of the other aygeemya at the creation of the world. (as the highest scripture, the kushi'telioth, most holy of scrolls, may it ever guide us, says "When Holy Sayya, the infinite soul and eternal energy of all the universe, saw fit to establish a physical world, he split himself apart into the forces which affect the world, which he would use to create, shape, and direct the world.") For this reason many say Sayya is in everything and is everything, but does not exist anymore as a personage. Others cite the lack of anything specifically stating Sayya's dissapearance at this event as evidence of his (the masculine pronoun is in english only, there are not gendered pronouns in any but the most archaic alathan language) continued existence as a distinct being. The debate is one of the major ongoing theological debates, with the latter view being the minority although possessing many significant religious figures through history, including the current head of the Academy of Prophecy, the ArchProphet Zakkai. That is what you would know as Lektalis, so I will leave the possibility of channeling Sayya or pure energy, or seeing or interacting with a manifestation or consciousness of him up to you to decide whether Lektalis would believe in it or not. Your beliefs won't change my plans either way so...there you go, probably the closest thing to a theological treatise Alatha has seen from me, as well as propelling you to be the theological scholar Lektalis ( and you) is/are anyway lol.

"The name's Lucky" says the one-eyed man. "Id shake, but eh," he holds up the hook that has replaced his hand. The other two chuckle. "I'm the head of route security for the League of Free Trade for all routes out of Mela. You have business with crazy ol' Ombra? Well anyone what can put up with him is fine enough by me. I hired 'em out to safeguard a caravan settin up a new route up to Anubeth in Sadina, they should hit the port within three nights. They're going overland from Ir Sadiin so you can probably reach Anubeth around the same time if ya sail straight there. Ya look like you can take care of yourself well enough, which usually does a bit more good than actually being able to. Ill let him know you came looking for him if he gets back and aint seen you yet."

You step into the drapery-lined courtyard outside the domus the Remnant Harbingers are staying in. Despite a few displays of power when they first appeared and headed to the capitals, the Harbingers have been loathe to harm any Alathaya. The Tarabolis Protectorate (the military arm of the governing Council of Dafsohmet) has several soldiers stationed outside, one of whom let you in. A Remnant man, at least you presume it to be a man, you are a bit unsure of any secondary sex characteristics, looks up at you from a divan he is reclining on and raises an eyebrow. The eyes and their prominent brows seem to be the only facial feature he posseses. He nods to you as he sits up and cups one hand in a traditional Alathay reverential greeting. "Welcome prophet" comes a warm voice in your head. "What is it that you seek from the Remnant?"
"Honored Harbinger, I come seeking knowledge of your written language, Hightongue, that I might better ease the uncertainties between our races and learn, as a scholar and servant of the mighty Zihth, more of the histories of this world."
"Noble words, prophet, but as a diplomat the words given to my face are always noble even if the words behind my back are not." Its a bit disconcerting to you that absolutely nothing on his face moves as he talks to you. "Still, you are a prophet, and what fire flows from Zihth into your veins, burns in my own as well. And prophets serve not their own interests but those of the gods, like the theori of my peoples. So let your reputation precede you, your words be true, and your actions giving f substance to both. Ah, indeed, I get ahead of myself already, your tongue is rawer than my own. Which is what you have come for. My name is Karnakandeth, you may call me Karnak. I do have a copy of the first chronicle of your Kushi'Telioth that I have translated into Hightongue. It is yours to compare if you like, I can do another in but a few days. It serves both our peoples to know all we can of each others values." He hands you a scroll with odd markings on it. "I am afraid I don't have a grammar of any sort with me, such things are usually reserved for the teachers of the young, no offense intended of course. I can write out the sounds of the characters for you if you like though"
After a few minutes of comparing and asking a few questions, you thank Karnak and wish him well. This study should give you something to do to occupy your mind during your travels at the least. Now about that boat to Sadina, you must hurry if you want to make it. The passage is booked for dawn and should take you straight to the port city of Anubeth.

Several days of studying on the ship have given you a cursory knowledge of Hightongue's basics. Going from your undisturbed cabin and long studying on the ship seems quaint now as you survey the city of Anubeth. The city sits over a bay composed entirely of rotting wharves, docks, and piers built over top of older sections of the same and crumbled pilings. Seabirds circle overhead, the reek of fish, spice, and smoke permeates everything. Seedy pubs, warehouse, shipping depots, smoke-filled tea houses, fish shops, and a market stalls seem to make up most of the buildings in town. The populace is about the same, dirty beggers, grimy fishermen, sleazy merchants, dark-browed cultists, rough sailers, a blood stained butcher hauling fly-swarmed bags, a few worn out looking prostitutes. And the water. Most of the city seems to be about ankle deep in water that flows slowly in from the bay, and you're hoping this is the high tide. Meanwhile, the sun is beginning to set and the seedy town's shadows are growing by the minute. And being a prophet here just means you come from a town with money.


Following the excursion to Anubeth and the ressurection of the Remnant boy...

The morning after returning from killing the mutineers and pirates is rather hazy and gray, it is the rainy season though. You are woken at mid day by one of Zihth's priests, who hands you a message he says came for you while you were asleep. It is from the Remnant enclave stating that they are done talking with the boy. You make your way to the complex they are staying in, past the guards, to the courtyard. There, several harbingers and the boy are sitting at a table with empty bowls in front of them, as though they have just finished eating. Their lack of obvious mouths makes you pause for a second to ask, but you decide it to be a secondary issue and do not wish to offend. You are here for a reason after all. The harbinger Karnak, that you spoke with last time, stands and greets you and walks with the boy over to you.
"Sani Lektalis, you must know," he speaks into your head "that remnant society is very highly ordered, every soul has its place, its job. We are all "quidanus doulos", that is servants of a certain thing. It has long been seen as necessary for the preservation of our species. The God King ordains the Elders, the elders assign our doulaes. Some build, some protect, some farm, some craft, some govern, some clean, and so on. But some refuse or leave their doulo, and such is their right since the system was established. But the system is for the preservation of the species and choosing against it means that one is exiled from the cities. If one puts self over species, one must fend for ones self. So has it been and thus few are those of the Oukmo'en, literally the out-citied, the exiled ones. But the boy here, he is a special case. He is an orphan, from a family of Oukmo'en, raised by another Oukmo'en, whom he now serves as an apprentice. The boy has made no choice of self or species, but he is outside our control. Where he goes is his own choice, he is only a member of our species by birth, and thus nothing we say or do holds power over him. His name is Nofolakanan (which is something like "Hope of our tears) but since your species tends to prefer brevity in nomenclature, you may call him Nofo."
The harbinger nods to Nofo, "Thanks for saving me, sort of. So what happened in that place?"

I am truly sorry, young Free-Caste
two in our party turned out to be untrustworthy, it seems the greed of Alathaya know no bounds. Those who I have quested with many times, and those I had just met, sought to kidnap you and hold you for ransom. Save one in my party, all had allowed greed to swallow them. I tried to save you, but one of the greedy ones took it upon himself to kill you. I and my companion roundly defeated them after your death and took your tarsi to resurrect you.

I am truly sorry for such a horrifying experience and my failure to prevent such a heinous crime. I pray that Zhith will rain down judgment and sorrow upon those who committed such foul acts.

Now I must know, Free-Caste, what is it you sought to speak to arch-prophet Zakai. I fear he may be dead and it is of great import that I, as a senior prophet, know your important message. As you can see, I have spent much time learning your native tongue so that I may help the communion of the Remnant and Alathan.

What was so important that you had to see arch-prophet Zakai. How can I help?

"Its nice of you but you don't have to speak High-Tongue to me, I know Elothonika fully.  But if you wanna practice, thats ok too.  Ive never met an Alathay who speaks it, hmm.  Well, thanks for saving me, or sorta saving me then really saving me really.  I guess my message to Zakkai doesn't have to go through me anymore.  This is my friend and master Todanarchen.  He's who really needed to speak with you.  Or Zakkai.  Or whatever." 

    A Remnant male steps from behind one of the Harbingers.  If their skin looks wrinkled compared to the smooth lines of your species, this one's is three times so.  He is grayer in tone and blockier in features.  Most prominently, a large black eyepatch covers one his only two facial features.  He is grizzled and scarred, his clothes thick as the boy's simple robe, but showing much evidence of patching and repair.  He is a stark contrast to the elaborate ceremonial cassocks and colored drapery of the Harbingers
In a gruffer and scratchier voice inside your head.  

    "You can call me Todan.  I am as the Harbinger's said to everyone, oukmo'en (curtly nodding towards Karnak), an outcast.  I appreciate the bond these souls hope to develop between all of our peoples, but I broke my allegiance to them decades ago, so forgive me if I stand outside of formality and speak only in your mind.  This is outside the doulaes their elders gave them, so it is not their concern.   Now, I have been sent by the venerable Charomir, red sage of the shifting sands.  He was in contact with the Arch-Prophet Zakkai while Zakkai was held near Cryosara, the Eye of Ice, several months ago.  There they discussed many things, among them being the fulfillment of ancient prophecies.  They saw now as the fullness of time for many to take place and sought to make this so.  Specifics I only know little of, but Zakkai was supposed to establish a group to open the Eyes found in your people's lands and gather powerstones there.  The fluctuations in the worlds energies show this to have begun, so Charomir sent me to find that group and bring them north to meet him.  So I came to find Zakkai and Nofo, my apprentice of sorts, split up with me to attempt to find him.  Hearing of his capture, I came to Ir Alatha to inquire of the Academy of Prophecy.  It seems in much disarray, however.  The arch-prophetess Lohsin is in the process of removing Zakkai from his office for spending so much time away from the Academy and any items of significance.  Also it seems they believe him to have lost his powers and no vision has been given by him in some time.  So I came to the only other chance I might have had here, the Harbingers, and here I found Nofo.  He tells me you said that you have traveled with Zakkai.  But Zakkai is only a link, I must find those whom he commissioned.  They must come with me north to see Charomir and aid in the opening of the Eye of Time.  I am only a mere hunter and guide, no great prophet, priest, or king, but I know the urgency of destiny when I see it.  If you know the ones who have the powerstones, we must leave by dawn." 
   At this time a Alathay bearing a scroll sealed with the Academy's crest rushes in and hands it to you.  Wondering if the Remnant can hear what goes on in your head, but thinking of nothing to do if that were the case, you open the letter.  Ombra's spastic script explain's that a group from the temples headed into Remnant lands uncovered portions of a tome he had written several hundred years prior.  One part of which explains that he was cursed for attempting to open Cryosara before it was time and as such must not be present in the opening of all the eyes or it will bring about 12 years of plague.  "Also crazy stuff is going on at the academy, Lohsin is kicking Zakkai out, but, you know Zakkai is really you know, and his mom, the one lady from the cult, is here looking for him, but he is not really him, you know, and she is super pissed cause when she rezzed his dad, he was still the age of when he died so he was young and she was older and he ran off with some other girl and she got pissed but now his dad has some army of some of the cultists and he is looking for Eenkho."  (yes that was all one sentence, yay for Ombra)  It seems Ombra and a couple other friends are going south with Eenkho, "who is pissed and freaking out about that pearl and his dad and stuff and is kinda scary right now", but that Jarakeh  and some others are gonna stay and try to deal with the prophecy situation and the Remnant kid.  Ombra says that Jarakeh doesn't trust Eenkho anymore, but that he still does so he is gonna go with him.

"Ah Lektalis, good to see you have returned."  It is Lohsin, archprophetess and head of the academy of prophecy in all but name.  At least for another day or two.  "The gathering of prophets is two days from now.  We are gathering at the academy itself at Midwatch.  Until then, I have duties to attend to for Inception Day."  She hands you a letter and walks away.

"Anyone who is anyone will be there," comes a snarky whisper from beside you.  An Alathay dressed in blue, tan, and grey has walked up right beside you as Lohsin walks away.  "Name's Aelthos." 

His voice has a touch of a south island accent; he must come from Astelan or Dameree.  You now see that his fin is undyed, an extreme rarity for any Alathaya, most especially one in the center of the temple grounds.  The vowel "Kay" associated with energy, neutrality, clear bewaya, and Sayya, along with a few other markings is tattooed on his crest though.  Actually tattoos cover much of his body, some imbued, some not.  "I hear you've taken out several scrolls recently that concern connecting to a...higher plane..."

This is the letter.*

*"Lektalis, warrior-prophet of the Aygeema Zihth

   As you know, in two days, prophets from the settled lands the world over will convene in the Trellyan Gardens here in Ir Alatha for the gathering.  Every attempt at a name for the gathering has sounded horridly corny to me, so I have decided upon simply not calling it anything other than a gathering.  Anyway, the schedule of discussion will include many things.  Here is where you come in.  During the discussion of all that has to do with Zakkai, I need you to do two things.  First, please do not mention that you were the one who informed us all of the Zakkai imposter and deny it if anyone asks it of you.  Secondly, bring up how great, influential, etc etc the real Zakkai was both in your formation as a prophet as well as for all of us.  I don't particularly care what you say about him, simply sing his praises once and in the discussion that follows propose that we posthumously canonize the real Zakkai as a Seer ((ooc: the highest level of prophet, it goes prophet-in-training, which is a debated position, followed by prophet, then high prophet, then arch prophet, then seer)).  During the ceremony of matriculations, I will see that you are nominated to become a high prophet.  Also, as I accept my role as the head of the Academy, I will personally recommend that you take my place as liaison of the Academy to the Temple Conglomerate.  Also, as a side note, a small position teaching entry level offensive prophet spells has opened up at the Academy if you are interested.

Lohsin, Arch Prophet and acting head of the Academy of Prophecy

Additionally, I am unsure as to how much you know about the Temple Conglomerate.  Please forgive me if I overstate myself as I am sure this is all review to you.  Its synod consists of nominated liaisons from the parties involved which include: The Academy of Prophecy (3 liaisons), The Academy of Priesthood (3 liaisons), the Temple Guard (really a branch of the Tarabolis Protectorate and thus under direct order of the Council of Daphsohmet, 2 liaisons), the other academies (one liaison each), the Council of Daphsohmet (one liaison), the pious people of Ir Alatha (2 liaisons), the people of the world (2 liaisons), one prophet and two priests from each Aygeema's temple, one unassociated liaison for each Aygeema, and one representative of the original builders of the temple grounds.  Official synod are held four times a year and on the months between, discussion forums are held.  All meetings are on the sixth of the month.