The Hood

Goodness For In Your Head And All Around It

    The Hood offers the widest selection of hoods, cowls, and head coverings in all the known lands.  Each of my hoods is specially tailored with your individual needs in mind.  Just discovered she's pregnant?  Check out our Parenthood.  Need a great gift for your nephew's coming of age ceremony.  He'll love an Adulthood.  Worried about the probability of this rainy season's flooding?  Grab our Likelihood.  Training to serve the Aygeemya?  Buy our Priesthood.  Need to pretend to be someone you're not?  Try out our Falsehood.  The community falling apart?  Buy everyone a Neighborhood !   I have spent time in several different academies, as well as time in the Council of Dafsomet, offering my outstanding advice to eager minds.  No matter how simple or troubling the problem you are facing, I will be able to offer sage advice and guidance.  And you'll leave here knowing what to do and looking damn good to boot.  


"Zepith at The Hood is a must see for those wondering what to do with their lives or how to right a mangled situation, or just for those who really care about headgear."    - 50 Must Sees In Ir Alatha

"I went to Zepith concerned about my failing bia crop.  Two years later and I am a member of the League of Free Trade and own three villas!  Buying this livelihood from him was the best thing I ever did."  - Benioth the Rich

Zepith can be found in The Hood at any time or day, excluding minor holidays, mornings, major holidays, feast days, happy hour, weekends, most of the dry season, nights when he is at the tavern, and days when his book club meets.