The Eseldron

The Elite Company.  Yeah, they don't exist of course, *cough*

The Eseldron is an army culled from amongst the finest of the Tarabolis Protectorate.  It is not a standing army and will only be gathered in the event of a significant occurrence.  Members of the Special Council of Security, a committee of the Council of Dafsomet must pass a 2/3rds vote to call the Eseldron to arms.  Knowledge of their activities and existence is considered classified and as such, the general populace is not aware of their existence.  Additionally, small divisions of Eseldron may be assembled for special missions, again as decided by the S.C.S.


Standard Eseldron infantry.  This one bears the rockshatter staff of an officer.  Non-officers are equipped with the same bronze armor as officers (albiet with a reddish-orange crest vs a white one), a heavy bronze pike, short sword, and shield.

The Eseldron are led by Lord Commander Melkath