The Delve

The Delve are a group of Inquisitors whose job it is to hunt heretics, demons, witches, homonculi, zoarchs, and anyone else at odds with the orthodoxy of the Remnant. The Delve answer only to the God-King Khoolanayan, since he is the preeminent keeper of orthodoxy for the Remnant.

The Delve is solely comprised of Remnant Inquisitors, bearing The Mark of the Delve in blue on their right arm. They employ "The Catech" as the determination of heretic status, though the application of The Catech is not necessary in all cases, such as with homonculi and demons.

The Delve were founded by Veritus the Stringent, The Avatar of Truth who began the order under the auspices of the God-King Khoolanayan.

The Delve have many unique weapons and charms at their disposal, including true relics of the Avatars, said to have unique properties for fighting heretics and the like.

The Catech

 1) Is Sayya One?

  •  Sayya is the truest one

2) What is Sayya's Will

  • the Aygeemya, the selfsame profusion of the One

3) Who illumines the will of Sayya? 

  • The God-king, through whom the collective primarch govern