Tarabolis Protectorate

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When the Council of Dafsomet  was formed, it was decided that a group must be established to protect those who had joined and enforce the decisions reached.  It was first sent to protect one of the original villages near Ir Alatha that formed the council which was named Tarabolis, from a group of raiding bandits.  In Council controlled lands, the Tarabolis Protectorate is both the police force and the army.  Outpost may be found on throughout the Full World, except in places explicitly claimed by other governments.  The guardsmen wear the symbol of the Council, the spiraled shell, on their uniforms and it is used for many of their decorations.  The specific decoration varies by rank, but the guardsmen are allowed significant freedom of additional adornment, especially in more outlying areas.  They are normally equipped with a set of armor, shields, heavy bronze pikes, and a decently sized short sword.  The Eseldron are a highly elite force occasionally called into action from amongst the Protectorate, but they are not known about by many outside the seated council.

A sketch of a guardsman of the Tarabolis Protectorate.

Ranks Of The Tarabolis Protectorate

  • Lord Commanders lead an army
  • Commanders lead a garrison (12 brigades)
  • Marshals lead a brigade (~12 regiments)
  • Field Chief lead a regiment (~12 squads)
  • Captains lead a squad (12 soldiers)
  • Guardsmen (11 + 1 captain) form a squad