Scrappers are dirty fighting, ankle biting, head conking, impishly mischevious, razor slashing, furious, and hard to pin down homonculi.  They get their name from both their fighting style as well as the fact that they're commonly found searching through junkheaps for a new piece of metal to sharpen into their savage war razors or perhaps just something shiny or interesting.

Difficulty     Skill                            Effect

    2           Frenzy (Tier 1)          Attack twice, -2 to hit, -2 damage
    2           Ooohh!                     Perception +2 if explosion or damage done in area, minor action, buff
    3           Spastic                    +1D vs to hit, passive
    3           Wriggly                    +1D to dodge, buff
    3           Frantic                     Take 3 actions at only a -1D+2 penalty to each
    3           Punt*                        Kick does 2D damage
    3           Gouge**                    Poke target in eyes, target unable to see for 1D turns
    3           Burninate                  Light a fire
    3           Climb                       Climb up attacker, giving +2 to hit
    3           Throw Dirt                 Throw dirt in target's face, perception -2D, -2d to hit, 1D/2 rounds, debuff
    3           Bonk**                      Hit target in head, -2D to all skills, 1D/2 rounds, debuff
    3           Hack (Tier 1)             +2 to weapon damage
    3           Gulp                         Swallow object, absorb up to 4D damage
    3           Frenzy (Tier 2)           Attack three times, -1D to hit, -1D damage
    3           Sharpen                    Sharpen a found object, adding +2 to damage done with it
    4           Cobble                      Use a found object to make something† (see table below), no stupid soft stuff
    4           Whammy                  Punch, kick, and headbutt!, does 3D damage
    4           Frenzy (Tier 3)           Attack four times, -2D to hit, -2D+1 damage
    4           Hack (Tier 2)             +1D to weapon damage                

*if object lighter than homonculi, it moves 1D spaces away
**requires being at head level

† Cobble Table (roll 1D)

1. You broke it!  But you can still throw it at someone!  Or sharpen it!
2. A drum!  Its an instrument you get to hit! +1 to Charisma to other homonculi
3. A hat!  +2 to body! And +2 to Charisma, Con, and Intimidate to other homonculi
4. A poker or blade!  throw away your old one! does 2D+2 damage once sharpened
5. Armor!  +1D to body for first piece, +2 and -2 Dex for each piece after that
6. The Best Ever!  Choose anything that could be roughly made from scraps!