Name: Saykoo Na'ra

Gender: Female

Schools: Assassins/ Demiurge

Alignment: Life Cycle

Age: 22

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Physical Description: Lithe, beautiful and fully aware of it, the dark Saykoo often uses it to her advantage.  She has very dark eyes, fins dyed grey in dedication to the Life Cycle Aygeema Tehsh, and a large tattoo down her back which she keeps covered up.  She often wears a black cloth covering her lower face.  Black wrappings cover her arms and much of the rest of her outfit is thick black leather, including a formed breastplate, large boots, a short skirt, and gauntlets. 

Spheres: Criminal

Beliefs: Every one is out for themselves. 

The World is a violent place.

Our government is corrupt and all upper-class are hypocrites.

Traits: Sketchy, Beautiful, Late, Sadistic, Sensitive, Cold-blooded, Moody.

Character Description:  The slightly mysterious Saykoo will not be persuaded to do anything she has no interest in nor dissuaded from what she does want to do.  She enrolled in the academy of assassins at an early age after a rough childhood she refuses to speak of.  She rarely speaks but her eyes gleam when she gets to make use of the jagged knives dripping with poison that hang constantly at her side.


Interview With Saykoo 


 Mental: 3d+2

  • Streetwise 4D+1
  • Riding 
  • Poison 4D
    • Damage T3 2D 
    • Sleep Poison T1 
    • Slow Poison T1
    • Will Poison T2
    • Dexterity Poison T1
  • Alchemy (Tier 1) 
  • Modify Weapon (Tier 1)
  • Modify Armor (Tier 1) 

 Perception: 4D

  • Sneak 6D+2
  • Hide
  • Charisma
  • Forge
  • Stealthy



 Strength: 2D

  • Jump


 Dexterity: 4D

  • Dodge
  • Whip
  • Pick Pocket
  • Blow Gun
  • Pierce Blade
  • Throat Slit
  • Sneak Attack T2
  • Leap of Faith T1
  • Vital Puncture 5D
  • Study Weakness
  • Drop Caltrops
  • Cornered Stance



 Will: 2D

  • Control Pain 2D+1
  • Resist Illusion
  • Resist Illness
  • Resist Poison 3D


 Mysticism: 3D





Jofya: 6

Imbuances: Shadow and haze, +2 sneak, +2 vs to hit, Black leather studded belt imbuance of deliverance, +2D to saving rolls vs. damage

Dayo Stones: 1

Other Posessions:

Dagger 3D+1

Long Dagger 4D+1

Blowgun 1D

  • Short bone darts
  • Long metal darts
  • Jagged wood darts
  • Porous glass darts

Handblade (left) 4D+2 

Custom WHip 2D+1

Hollow metal orbs

Black wool cloak

Thick studded black     leather breastplate,     backplate, belt,      leggings, and gauntlets +1D+2

Thin black leather tank       top, skirt, and wraps

Black cloth bandanna

Laced black thick               leather boots 

Coin Purse & Pouch

Herb and poison sack

Blowdart pouch

Trick shackles and key

Key to boardingroom

Grappling hook & 100'

Black silk hooded cloak

Wire-wound ring

Clawed finger sheath

3 clawed ring

+1 Heal potion

Dagger 2D+1 

Ring +2 str, -1D mental 


Flint and Steel

10 x Caltrops

Basic Toolset

Spare Parts

2 x +1D bargain purse

+1 perception potion

Imbued Flask:Dark Ale

2 old daggers 2D+1

2 flour bags

Book- Higharms

Mortar and Pestle