Ok guys, here is the part where gaming meets meta-gaming and out-of-game stuff and between game stuff ties in with your actual character.  


    This is the easy part.  In game interactions will be the source of any income your character receives, and if we can avoid shopping time in game that does not pertain to the plot or enhance the setting (ie. your character wants new gear vs you need to buy 5 crates to hide in), then we'll make much better use of limited game time.  Please send me an email or discuss with me in person, between sessions, what your character would like to purchase and/or sell.  If you have time to roleplay it, sweet.  If not, no big deal.  Nearly all equipment and prices I could think of may be found here and some upgrades here.  You are in charge of keeping track of your jofya, but Ill keep tabs too, so be honest.  Overpowered characters stop being fun quite quickly.


    This is a touch more complicated, but its for actual character advancement, not just stuff.  Bewaya earned are yours to spend as you like in the following ways

1.  Imbuances - Getting your gear enchanted for bonuses, effects, or the like.  See Materials and Imbuances  and Inscriber  

2.  Learning new spells or abilities or new tiers of a spell.

3.  Raising stats of known spells, abilities, or attributes.

Bewaya may be earned in the following ways

1.  Gaming.  Just being there for a session and participating is going to earn you the majority of your bewaya.

2.  Notable achievements.  If your character does something incredible, memorable, or especially noteworthy, you'll earn extra bewaya.  Make your character memorable!  It does not have to be something that requires an epic roll, often the role is remembered well after the roll.  Pardon my corniness.

3.  Quick thinking.  Coming up with an out-of-the-box idea, setting up a sweet or novel scene, making a great joke that does not detract from the actual game, or other reactions that make the spontaneous aspect of the game so enjoyable will earn you extra bewaya.  This is half the reason I roleplay in the first place.

4.  Out of game effort.  Bringing or making something that enhances Alatha as a world or the gaming experience as a whole will be rewarded in an appropriate level of bewaya corresponding to the amount of effort put in and how much it enhances the Alatha experience.

5.  Buying them.  Clear bewaya are tradeable and there is certainly a market for them.  One goes for between 70 and 140 jofya depending on the market at the time.  Please discuss this with me as you would any between-session purchase.

Bewaya, in game, serve as physical representations of the favor of the Aygeemya for you bringing glory to their realm.  Technically your character receives them from visiting an Aygeema after finishing actions that might be rewarded.  We are going to just pretend everyone is a good little temple goer between sessions and Ill let you know how many bewaya you got in a follow up email.  It is subjective.  Please don't argue with me, just as your character would not argue with a god he or she was seeking more favor with.  Everything here is additionally subject to change at whim to make the game as fair and as fun as possible. 

Using Bewaya

    Inscribing will be dealt with on a case by case basis through talking with me.  That leaves skill leveling and attribute raising.  Note that any skill may be raised a maximum of two dots at a time and any attribute may be raised a maximum of one dot at a time.

Skill leveling

1.  Determine the school.  First, you must figure out what school the skill is in.  It will either be generic or from one of the  Academies.

2.  Determine if the school is aligned.  Whatever your alignment is is what your bewaya are going to be (unless specifically noted).  Generic abilities and Demiurge spells can use any alignment, priests and prophets trade the dedication of their entire lives to an aygeema thus may use that bewaya for their corresponding school, and the other schools have specific preferences.  If the bewaya is not one of the prefered bewaya, a clear bewaya must be used.  One clear bewaya may be made from six of your aligned bewaya, so for any of the numbers below, multiply by six if applicable.

3.  Determine what type of skill it is.  Is it a new spell or ability, are you raising your score in an existing spell or ability, or is it the new tier of a spell?  

4.  Determine the starting or existing amount of dice.  An existing skill will have an amount of dice next to it or will use the amount of dice of the primary attribute it falls under (Dexterity, Mysticism, Will, etc).  A new skill will start at the level of the primary attribute it falls under.  This is the number of dice before you raise the skill.  If you are learning a higher tier of an existing spell, the amount of dice is the difficulty number.  

5.  Determine the bewaya needed.   The amount of bewaya required are equal to the amount of dice required as determined in the last step, as long as it is under 6D.  Ignore the +1 or +2, look simply at the amount of dice themselves.  If it is 6D or higher it becomes 1.5 x the amount of dice determined in the last step, rounded down.  Thus raising your skill in fireball tier 1 from 4D+1 to 4D+2, or from 4D+2 to 5D takes 4 bewaya, but raising it from 6D to 6D+1 or 6D+2 to 7D takes 9 bewaya.  If it is a specialty, subtract one bewaya under 5D or two bewaya for 5D or higher.

Don't worry, written out it sounds more complicated than it is.  I can always just tell you how many you'll need if it seems too confusing, but I promise, its really not.  Everything written here is just the specifics and clarifications.  Enjoy Alatha!

Attribute Raising

     Attributes (Mental, Perception, Strength, Dexterity, Will, and Mysticism) follow a similar formula as above, albeit slightly simplified and required many more dice.  To raise an attribute by one dot (1D to 1D+1, 1D+1 to 1D+2, 1D+2 to 2D, and so on), first determine the amount of dice you have in that attribute (the number with the D after it, the D means dice), ignoring any dots (the +1 or +2 if you have them).  To raise an attribute simply takes bewaya equal to that amount of dice multiplied by 10.  Remember this is the amount of attribute dice you have before the attribute is raised.

Dayo Stones

Dayo stones allow the user to be infused with a small amount of the Aygeema's power.  They have several uses, each of which uses up the stone.

  • They may be used to add a die to a roll.  This must be stated before rolling.  This works for attributes and skills.  It may be used any time in a game but no more than one per session may be used.  Using a stone in this way to accomplish something heroic may result in the gift of another dayo stone.
  • It may be used to raise attributes.  One dayo stone is equal to fifteen bewaya.  No more than three attributes may be raised via dayo stones in the history of a character.  No more than two dots may be raised between each session in an attribute.
  • It may be melted down to make ink for an imbuance.  Like a powerstone, it is equal to ten bewaya in terms of power.  
  • Dayo stones may not be used to raise a regular skill or learn a new one.  That is, they cannot be traded in any way.