Remnant Theology

The remnant are monotheists who see the aygeema as emminations of Sayya and its will.
Avatars are perfect icons of Sayya, moral exemplars and metaphysical conduits of power.




Virtues Of The Aygeemya

Element Virtue Gloss Vice Color
Light Clarity Truth, Precision, Revelation Deceit Yellow
Life Cycle Wisdom Understanding Circumstances Envy Gray
Fire Justice Equality, Proper Place Pride Orange
Air Purity Holiness, Uncorrupted
Lust White
Water Generosity Abundance, Giving, Charity Greed Blue
Earth Fortitude Perseverence, Courage Cowardice Tan
Ice Resolution Devotion, Peace, Contentment Wrath Purple
Space Discipline Self-Control Gluttony Green
Time Diligence Steadyness, Persistence Sloth Red