Remnant Lands

8/19   Ok guys, send me any words you think of, as I need names for cities as I create a map of Remnant lands.  So far I have Aestichar, Aodhan, Eldreon, Nulakanen, Keiratan, Nialadran, Caducepolis (the capital), Kleodoceous, Haemapolis, and Goreinisis, but they are all subject to change except Caducepolis.  Also there will be three regions, divided primarily by environment.  The Gelidon occupies thee southeastern region and is primarily ice fields and glaciers.  Cryosara is here.   Duskolis is the largest region, composed of a huge rocky central basin.  Caducepolis and Aeternus are here.   The northern band is Solfatara, which is highly  geothermal, with lots of hot springs, calderas, and geysers.