The Faceless Ones

The Remnant are the last vestiges of humanity.  They have larger eyes than humans of today and no other visible facial features.  They communicate through telepathy.  They were nearly wiped out in a series of disastrous events that only the oldest remember the last of.  A group of these remnants rule over the rest calling themselves The Elders.  The Elders control much of the life of the remnant in efforts to avoid problems such as those faced in the disasters.  Nearly all major aspects of life are regulated by the Elders, including occupation, when offspring may be produced, and outside contact.  The Remnant were the first race to have made contact with the Aygeemya and may be the cause of the manifestations of the Aygeemya themselves, although nearly all of human history is lost to the Remnant.  The power of the Elders lie in their endorsement by the God-King Khuulanayen, who has final say in any issue, but seldom makes decisions outside of military issues.  Nearly all Remnant settlements are underground, as is tradition.

Those Remnant who are chosen for training in what Alathaya would call the arts of the Dayokhlanya, The Arts of the Academies, or mystic arts, are called channelers.  The approach to the mystic realm is rather different.  A channeler is told at coming of age that he or she will be a channeler by the Elders.  He or she is then brought to a gathering of experienced channelers.  One of these chooses the young channelers as their apprentice.  The elder channeler works only in the elemental realm they have been trained in by their master when they were young, and it is this realm they teach the apprentice how to channel through their bodies.  It is now where the greatest room for personal affinity manifests itself, as the young channeler learns to channel the specific element into whatever area he or she is gifted in.  Thus, amongst three channelers of earth, one may use it towards public service in terrascaping and tunneling, one may channel it through her body making herself an extremely proficient melee warrior, and a third may simply channel it past himself making earth projectiles as if he was casting rock spells.  Whatever the case may be, each channeler is expected to use these abilities towards the highest end for the Remnant, the greater good and the preservation of the species.

The language spoken by the Remnant is called high speech and appears to be a jumble of Latin, Greek, and a few other languages.  High speech is used for official decrees and to emphasize points, especially to outsiders, but day to day communication is more of a transmission of abstract thoughts and concepts accompanied by pictures.  The motto of the Remnant, memorized at an early age is "Panos energon, regulaton energos impartion imperium, imperium nix chaos"  This translates to something like "Everything is energy, channeling the energy gains control, control prevents destruction."  This concept is one of the cornerstones of Remnant thought.


 A Ferakai, used as mounts and beasts of burden by the Remnant.