Ranged Weapons

Khirkas, Bows, Blowguns, and well possibly other stuff I guess... tomatoes?

 Arrows and darts are usually a composite of a shaft material and an arrowhead or dart-head material.  Each will determine the durability and along with the design of the arrowhead itself, figure into how much damage is done.


  • Untipped - the shaft is sharpened and no tip is added, 10j for 50, +0
  • Tipped - the standard arrowhead or dart tip, 18j for 50, +2
  • Jagged or Broadhead - tip designed to inflict greater damage, 24j for 50, +1D
  • Forked - tip designed to pierce in multiple areas shallowly,  24j for 50, +2
  • Whistling - tip designed to make noise when fired, 30j for 50, +1
  • Piercing - tip designed to penetrate deeply, 48j for 50, +1d and armor/3 if materials > armor
  • Blunt - tip designed for damage without piercing, 36j for 50, +2, 5/6% stun if head shot, 1/3% bone break
  • Wrapped tip - tip wrapped in rag, dipped in oil, poisons, etc, 24j for 50, +2, if fire +2D dam 1D/2 turns

Tip materials

  •  Wood  -6j cost, +1 dam
  • Bone/Shell +2 cost, +2 dam 
  • Stone +2 dam
  • Copper +6j cost, +2 dam
  • Tin +7j cost, +2 dam
  • Bronze +8j cost, +2 dam
  • Glass +12j cost. +1d+1 if shatters, otherwise +2 , 2/3% shatter if hit on leather or softer, 5/6% on other
  • Gem +48j cost, +1D

Shaft Materials

  • Wood
  • Copper +1 dam, +6j cost
  • Tin +1 dam, +8j cost
  • Bronze +2 dam, +10j cost
  • Glass +1d-1 if shatters (see above), otherwise +2 dam, +24j cost


  • Short Bow  BD=1D+2, 25j
  • Long Bow BD=2D, req 2D str, 30J
  • Recurve Bow BD=2D+2, 40J
  • Khirka* BD=2D+2, 50J
  • Blowgun 1D, 20j
  • Sling  1D+2, 12j
  • Throwing weapon   -   average throwing knife=2D, 15j
        • average javelin=3D+2, 25j
        • rock=1D, FREE!!!

* A khirka is a ranged weapon using a set of two hollow tubes over top of each other, a pulley of sorts running the bow string into the front of the top chamber, and aproximately 2/3 of the shaft of a bow.  The bow is pulled forward by a lever attatched to a cylinder at the end of the bow string inside the top tube.  The cylinder is released by depressing the trigger mechanism, allowing the bow shaft to swing upwards, pulling the string forward rapidly.  Additionally there is a tongue on the bottom side of the cylinder connecting it to a twin cylinder in the bottom tube via a channel cut between the two.  As the lower cylinder is propelled forward, it pushes an arrow out of the tube at a rapid rate.  Yeah, it's its a bit confusing.  I thought of it in a dream or something.  Email me if you actually have questions.