Difficulty      Skill            Effect

    2                      Martyrdom    (Tier 1)              +1D to party rolls following death of prophet, up to 2D, buff 

    3                      Visions (Tier 1)                       re roll Perception or search 1D/2 times, take best roll

    3                      Holy Calling (Tier 1)               re roll luck die once, passive

    3                      Doom (Tier 1)                          does weapon damage +2D, 1 turn cool down

    3                      Prophesy (Tier 1)                    call high (5,6) mid (3,4) or low (1,2), if correct add Myst/2 to other's roll

    3                      Sackcloth & Ashes (Tier 1)    target may not attack for one turn, buff

    4                      Precognition (Tier 1)               +2 to saving rolls, buff

    4                     Foreknowledge (Tier 1)          +2 to hit rate, buff

    4                     Fire & Brimstone (Tier 1)        does 3D+2 damage, AOE

    4                     Judgment (Tier 1)                    -1D to opponents roll for one turn, debuff

    4                      Doom (Tier 2)                          does weapon damage +2D+1, 1 turn cool down

    5                     Judgment (Tier 2)                    -1D+1 to opponents roll for one turn, debuff

    5                      Doom (Tier 3)                          does weapon damage +2D+2, 1 turn cool down

    6                     Divine Conduit* (Tier 1)            does 5D+1 damage, prophet is center, AOE

    6                      Precognition (Tier 2)               +1D to saving rolls, buff

    6                     Foreknowledge (Tier 2)          +1D to hit rate, buff

    6                     Judgment (Tier 3)                    -1D+2 to opponents roll for one turn, debuff

    6                      Doom (Tier 4)                          does weapon damage +3D, 1 turn cool down

    6                     Fire & Brimstone (Tier 2)        does 4D damage, AOE


 Key Skill: Oracle

 Prophets are an odd class in that many of them do not choose to be prophets but are rather chosen by the Aygeemya for unknown reasons.  They find themselves having visions of other places, which way to go, or things to come.  It is something they have no control over without significant training and meditation.  The prophets see themselves as being the counterparts to the priestly class, rather than being the voice of the people to the Aygeemya, they are the voice of the Aygeemya to the people.  As such many posses very strong personalities, distrust other authorities, find themselves not fitting in amongst "normal" Alathay, seek solace away from others, and are all but impossible to convince of being wrong.  They have chosen three of the Aygeemya to dedicate their Academy to, but never to be told what to do by anyone else, graduates serve whichever Aygeema they feel has called them.  When he is there, Arch Prophet Zakkai watches over the workings of the school, but he perceives his duty to the Aygeemya as being higher than his duty to the school. 


*Caster may not move himself this turn, may not dodge, may take no free actions except dropping things, and perform no other actions.