Difficulty      Skill            Effect

    2                     Invocation (Tier 1)                Prays a bonus +1 to all party rolls, buff

    3                     Blessing of Fire (Tier 1)     +1D damage inflicted, buff

    3                     Blessing of Light (Tier 1)    -1D damage taken, buff

    3                     Blessing of Life (Tier 1)      1D removed from wounded or worse damage, buff

    3                     Resurrection (Tier 1)            priests may resurrect at a difficulty of 3 instead of 4

    4                     Divine Intervention (Tier 1) +1D to saving rolls (self only), passive

    4                     Anathema (Tier 1)                Roll vs target's will to prevent action for one round

    4                     Zeal (Tier 1)                           grants target (cannot be caster) extra attack this round

    4                     Inspiration (Tier 1)                priest in party grants +1 to all other's rolls, up to 1D, passive

    4                     Divine Retribution (Tier 1)   1/3 of damage done (before saving rolls) to priest is reflected to attacker, buff

    4                     Smite (Tier 1)                         element of priest's alignment does 3D+2 damage on target

    4                     Blessing of Fire (Tier 2)     +1D+2 damage inflicted, buff

    4                     Blessing of Light (Tier 2)    -1D+2 damage taken, buff

    4                     Blessing of Life (Tier 2)      1D+2 removed from wounded or worse damage, buff

    4                     Sanctify (Tier 1)                     Remove a debuff from target

    5                     Fire From Heaven (Tier 1)  flames fall from sky, 3D, AOE

    5                     Smite (Tier 2)                         element of priest's alignment does 4D damage on target

    5                     Invocation (Tier 2)                 Prays a bonus +2 to all party rolls, buff

    5                     Blessing of Fire (Tier 3)      +2D damage inflicted, buff

    5                     Blessing of Light (Tier 3)    -2D damage taken, buff

    5                     Blessing of Life (Tier 3)       2D removed from wounded or worse damage, buff

    6                     Smite (Tier 3)                         element of priest's alignment does 4D+1 damage on target

    6                     Fire From Heaven (Tier 2)    flames fall from sky, 3D+2, AOE

    6                     Blessing of Fire (Tier 4)      +2D+2 damage inflicted, buff

    6                     Blessing of Light (Tier 4)    -2D+2 damage taken, buff

    6                     Blessing of Life (Tier 4)       2D+2 removed from wounded or worse damage, buff

    6                     Sanctify  (Tier 2)                     remove all debuffs from party


Key Skill: Religion

Priests are the servants of the Aygeemya and the servants of the people.  They see themselves in a very humble yet important role as intercessors for the people to the Aygeemya.  They offer sacrifices and prayers on behalf of the people to the Aygeemya and tend to the needs of the Aygeemya in their shrines and temples.  Arch-Priest Zolotoh prides himself in choosing students that are morally upright, valuing order, altruistic, humble, caring, idealistic, intelligent, and strongly connected to the mystical world.  Priests serve each Aygeema but the Academy, in keeping with the traditions of the other academies, has chosen to train its students on the three Aygeemya chosen by the Aygeemya themselves to be representative of the rest, life, light, and fire.  Upon completion of higher levels of the academy, graduates choose which Aygeemya they will serve and apply for positions in various shrines, monasteries, or the temples.