Points of Interest in Ir Alatha

What you should see in the City of the World! 

  •  The Councilary of Dafsomet - The seat of the Council of Dafsomet, governing body of most of the known world and harbinger of the New Age.  Watch the ongoing debates, learn about the issues facing society, or stay for a few days and take part in an actual ballot casting.
  • The Great Library - The largest collection of books ever brought together in one place.  Almost every title known to Alathay can be found here with new transcriptions done each day.
  • The Hall of the Tarabolis Protectorate - See the parade grounds where the soldiers who keep the world at peace train their blades and bodies.  Tour the armory and experience a day in the life of a soldier.  Better yet, enlist today and experience it for real!
  • The Market - You could sail to the furthest port to find exotic goods or you could just head over to the world's largest open
  • The Temple Complex - Rent from the mystical stones of temples from ages past, the gods themselves dwell here at the temples.  Lay an offering, make an inquiry, garner favor, consult a prophet, confess to a priest, see the Aygeemya.  The lords of the elements have come to Ir Alatha, why haven't you?
  • The Adarian Lengths - Ir Alatha's great Lamdril racecourse and home of the annual Inception Day race. 
  • Trellyan Gardens - Just outside the city lay the peaceful sculpted terraces and water gardens.  Relax and get away from every care in the tranquil beauty.
  • The Campuses - Those who wish to be a dayoklan come here to train to be heros and adventurers.  Those who seek to be scholars come to learn the secrets of the universe.  Learn to wield a sword, cast a fireball, speak in old tongues, or enchant a cape.  Visit the universities and academies!
  • Ir Hostela - "Hostel City" is a collection of hostels all catering to the jof-pinching traveler.  It is always filled with ragtag guests, some of whom haven't left for years.  The usual clients are the "artsy type", the "just passing through" crowd, the "kinda creepy" guys, and the "certifiably insane".  The businesses are loose on identification, don't ask questions, and keep few to no records.  A cheaper bed cannot be found.  Notable locations include Hostel Intent, Roth Hostel, Beds And Beyond, Hostel Takeover, Big Room O' Guys, The Hankie-Bag On A Stick, and The Oft Chang'd Sheet.
  • Fine Dining - Eateries abound in the outer edges of the spiral, especially facing the residential sections and the Market.  High class personages might want to sample the fine fair and over 300 wines at the Pegi in a Pear Tree.   Exotic food enthusiasts might enjoy the market fresh cuisine at The 12 Lines.  Ir Alatha boasts over 50 pubs as well, some with their own inns.  Notable locations include The Desert Oasis, Case of Crabs, Pub Krawl, Bia Belly, Ir Rascible, The Lamdril's Head, The Dark Lamdril, Peace Wando, and The Prancing Phony.
  • Specialty Shops - Ir Alatha offers great specialty shopping outside the Market as well.  Damohklee's Swords offers the largest collection of new and used weapons.  The Slighted Hand carries paraphernalia for illusionists, street magicians, lock pickers, and such.   Vintner Lombardee features a biger selection of wines than anyone as well as specialty liquors, accessories, and common alcohols.  Global Warming and its humidor rooms showcase the finest smoking products and equipment.  The Inscriber's Alley is home to many of the world's finest inscribers for that one of a kind imbuance.  The Hood features headgear for any undertaking combined with advice on how best to go about it.  Howe Bazaar is Mela's premier pawn shop and auction house, come and see what amazing treasure might be found.
  • Find free safe passage to the bustling port of Aefina, Mela's most popular port, or to the beautiful port city of Beeasarin, or to the ancient seaport of Kharamet.  Escorted transport caravans leave several times a day from the gates of Ir Alatha.  You can't beat a free ride to or from the world's favorite destination!

Go See Anywhere In The World, Or Come See Where Its All Going.  

See Ir Alatha.  See the World!


Ir Alatha, literally city of world, is the seat of the Council of Dafsomet, the home of the great Temple Complex of the Aygeemya, and the largest city in this age.  Come experience its splendor, savor its luxuries and exotic goods in the world's largest open air market, enlarge your mind at the world's largest library, train your body at the academy campuses, or resurrect your great uncle Vinny at the temples to tell you the one about the runaway merchant cart one more time!

See Ir Alatha, See The World!