From left to right:

A Tannet Pearl Cultist: These cultists worship an artifact called the Tannet Pearl and though usually confined to the southern islands, they have been seen in large quantities in Ir Alatha recently.

Zepith: The ex-priest turned businessman who has made a name for himself handing out advice with (literally) a grain of salt.  Proprietor of The Hood, he is known throughout much of the settled lands.

A Frost Warden:  The newest Academy to open in Ir Alatha is the Academy of Frost, teaching cold-based spells and polearm maneuvers.  

Ombra:  The quixotic old prophet is known to wander the streets of Ir Alatha befriending any he meets and regaling them with wacky stories, which may or may not be true.  He is often found at The Desert Oasis tavern or the house of the glassblower Pem when he is not out on journeys with his friends.

Siyan:  Siyan is a monk in the ascetic order called the Shenos Khit.  They practice grueling self-discipline to master the physical world and become powerful martial artists.

Telia: Professor of biological studies at the University of Ir Alatha, Telia is an expert in exotic, extinct, and rare species, as well as a quite proficient demiurge and master craftswoman.  She has recently been involved in some shady business for the late Councilman Voltis.

Jarakeh:  Shrouded in some mystery, the adventurer and illusionist Jarakeh has recently settled in to a haunted warehouse on the outskirts of Ir Alatha where he studies magical processes and various illusory effects.  Though he has quite a good head for business, proceed with caution when approaching his domicile.

Aelthos:  The jaded mystic Aelthos traveled the world in the hope of finding a way to further connect with the mystical.  Eventually finding rest in becoming the first known disciple of Neeva,  the Aygeema of cold, he just open the Academy of Frost.

Elaytenih:  The albino Elaytenih was raised on a tiny homestead in the northern wastes and has come to study under Aelthos at the Academy of Frost.  He is somewhat baffled by the bustle of city life and can be a bit distant.

Mallac:  The child prodigy Mallac was born to a wealthy family and spent most of his childhood in trouble and shielded from high society's gaze.  On the cusp of adulthood and following a "mysterious explosion" that killed his family, Mallac looks to make a living as a master craftsman and adventurer, often with his golems in tow.  A golemling is at his feet.

Lucky: Head of route security and loss prevention for the League of Free Trade.  Old sailing accidents have led to his handicaps and he now spends nearly every hour in The Desert Oasis, a tavern just outside the market district of Ir Alatha.

Eenkho:  The street urchin famed for his deadly shot with a bow took in with a group of adventurers and began training as a necromancer.  He was known to be involved in several high profile missions and is thought to be connected with the disappearance of Arch Prophet Zakkai. Approach with extreme caution.

Trolis:  Trolis is a pious and benevolent illusionist and martial artist who just established the missionary aid society called Orinoco Flow.  Suffers from color blindness.

Mika:  Mika is the envoy of the Remnant kingdom from the temples of the mysterious Nexapever, the Aygeemya of spatial dimensions.  He is the first morphomancer known in Alathay lands and is glad to talk with any who approach him.

Dogen:  Dogen is an earth elementalist from a large farming family studying at the Academy of Elementalism.  He is a bit of a loner and a woodsman and may be found hiking the hills outside Ir Alatha and smoking his long pipe, but is quite good company for any who happen upon him.

A standard golem:  Standard golems are found throughout any major city doing any variety of minor or menial tasks.

Opinisay:  Priest of the water Aygeema Wee, the benevolent Opinisay resides in the Temple Complex in Ir Alatha ministering to all who might have need.  He spends some of his free time training in fencing at the Academy of Blades and if found off duty is grateful for a good joke and a drink.

A greater golem:  Greater golems are used primarily as intimidation or guards due to their ability to both receive and dish out large amounts of damage.

Lektalis:  Recently promoted to high prophet of the fire Aygeema Zihth, Lektalis is a zealous follower of his master.  An orphan abandoned at the temples, Lektalis is a religious scholar who combines his prophetic duties with fire elementalism to become a potent adventurer.

Agnios: An outspoken Remnant exile newly arrived in Ir Alatha.  He is a veteran adventurer but eager to prove himself in a new society that allows him in.

Khoolanayan:  The God-King of the Remnant.  He wields powers beyond any other mortal and governs the Remnant peoples from his palace inside their capital Caducepolis. 

Lumhast:  The cocky young bladesman Lumhast embodies nearly every stereotype one would expect for a teenager.  His mood swings, obsession with drinks and girls, and lack of forethought are balanced by the reason his companions keep him around: his nearly unmatched skills in bladed combat.

Larth:  Larth is nearly an immovable object himself.  The hulking Alathay worked at a quarry for most of his life, hewing a set of solid granite armor over the course of years.  Upon completion, Larth brought his massive hammer and heavy armor to study at the only school he has not failed out of in a week, the Academy of Brawling.

Zakkai:  The Arch Prophet Zakkai has been head of the Academy of Prophecy since the age of eighteen.  His incredable gifts of connection to the Aygeemya led him away on countless pilgrimages and journeys.  Recently he has been missing and if seen is probably an imposter.  Do not approach.

Dark Zakkai:  Probably the imposter of Zakkai and his murderer as well, this figure has been sighted in several areas but never for long.

Saykoo Nara:  The assassin Saykoo is periodically seen in Ir Alatha.  She is known to be unsteady and somewhat sadistic, so be wary in all contact.  Do not let her beauty fool you, she is not to be trusted in anything that does not bring her gain.

Cinshah:  The being known as Cinshah is a quite powerful mindblower, the highest tier of illusionist, and is thought to dwell in a haunted warehouse on the south side of Ir Alatha. Billowing with incense smoke, he may be an illusion himself.

Gumbfree:  The preening swordsman Gumbfree is often seen in the high end markets of Ir Alatha.  His fashion sense is as sharp as his twin copper blades and he personifies the term metrosexual.