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 List of Characters

Personalities in Ir Alatha 


Badly scarred, one-eyed, claw-handed, peg-legged, often inebriated Lucky is in charge of the protection of many of the cargo ships that sail from the major island of Mela.  His under the table contracts with Saykoo led to all the above characters' perhaps more than coincidental convergence.  He is in charge of route security and loss prevention for the League of Free Trade, and frequently hires the group for various tasks.


Aelthos is the head of the Academy of Frost.  He has only just established it in his new found dedication to the Aygeema of Cold, Neeva, following a conversation with Lektalis. 



 Once spending some time in the academy of the prophets, Zepith left and studied at the academy of priesthood.  There he continuously switched his focus, alignment, and abilities.  He is known as one of the greatest living sages, although the advice he gives is the worst possible thing his mind can conceive.  He always has a purse of salt on him and will put a few grains into the hands of those who seek advice before counseling them.  He has yet to meet the group.


Siyan is a monk with the Shenos Khit, an order of ascetic monks, who practice grueling self-discipline to master the physical world.  He has yet to meet the group.


A simple yet lovable glassblower, the middle-aged widower Pem is responsible for the resurrection of the quixotic prophet Ombra.  Pem discovered Ombra's soul orb while digging sand and quickly brought him to the temple to be resurrected.  Ombra frequently stays with him while in Ir Alatha.


Inspector Kish

The gaunt, detail-minded investigator in charge of the search for the missing Arch-Prophet Zakkai.  He wears a monocle and says "hmmm" a lot.  Has a habit of putting his finger to his lips.


One of the two bartenders at the Desert Oasis.  Occasionally complains about his two kids.


One of the two bartenders at the Desert Oasis.  Still has an I.O.U. from Dogen .

Tuhwa The Chronicler

Elder record-keeper at the Great Library in Ir Alatha.  Has interviewed many of the adventurers so far.


A hired gun with a steady aim and a level head, he was more than willing to help the gang with anything they needed.  For a solid chunk of profit of course.  He loved one-liner quips and direct shots to the head.  He's probably still for hire around Ir Alatha somewhere.

 The Crew of The Equity


The staunch captain of the Equity is somewhat a foil to his gregarious pet Driki and the senile blind watchman Bolto.  He sails from Aefina on mostly northern runs and frequently takes the group to the island of the tombs of Demeth.  Greatly annoyed by Ombra .


The crazy blind misogynist watchman of the Equity.  He will not abandon his post for any reason.



The grumpy retired military sea mage hired by the Equity to control the waters when necessary.  Spits a lot.

The Treachery of Telia


Treacherous Telia deceived the group of adventurers and made off with the odd snailamander shell they had been sent to retrieve.  She was a professor of extinct, rare, and exotic species in the science wing of the university in Ir Alatha.  Feigning ineptitude and a stutter, she disguised her skills as a proficient demiurge.  Two murders and a sea battle later, she is presumed dead.

Commodore Ruck

Commodore Ruck is the exacting Commodore of the Teres Navy and frequently the highest ranking member at sea.  His vessels, on high alert after the appearance of the Remnant harbingers, apprehended the group on board the Equity in a small sea battle with the Blueshift, hired by Telia and Councilman Voltis.


Acting Deputy Sub-Vice Deckswab Demlin

The lowest ranking member on board Commodore Ruck's highly structured flagship Fastidious.   


Councilman Elorin and Councilwoman Ganifan

Members of the lesser council of Daphsomet.  Ganifan nearly always sided with Voltis and rumors exist of a relationship between the two.  Elorin is a pacifist and rather superstitious.  He represents a region of Ebioth.


Councilman Voltis

Telia's patron and member of the lesser Council of Dafsomet.  He was collecting exotic species thought to be the works of the Zoarchs and campaigned strongly for the execution of the Remnant envoys.  It was discovered that he was being psychically controlled by a Kheknekthal, one of the greatly modified last surviving Zoarchs.  Following the death of the Kheknekthal, he was killed by touching bewaya that Saykoo gave him from the life cycle Aygeema Tehsh. 


In League With The League


Sanjitha is a priest of the Aygeema Voo, archon of light, as well as an accomplished illusionist.  He teaches at the academy of priesthood, possesses strong ties to the League of Free Trade, and served several years as a diplomat on various islands.  He has worked with and hired Jarakeh on several occasions.


A stoic brooding bladesman, Denek prides himself on his exactness and lack of anything superfluous in swordsmanship or behavior.  He is the son of a master bladesman turned senator (Defnin), best friend since childhood of Laythoora, and long time rival of Vikhalath.  Has feelings for Meeara.  Accompanied Sanjitha, Jarakeh, and Ombra on a reconnaissance mission to Teres.


Quick-witted, sharp-tongued, mischievous Laythoora is the foil to his long time best friend Denek.  He is a champion lamdril racer with a penchant for pranks.  Greatly dislikes Vikhalath and has strong feelings for Meeara, whom he shamelessly flirts with.  Accompanied Sanjitha, Jarakeh, and Ombra on a reconnaissance mission to Teres.



Doing all he can to prove that brawlers are not always brutes, Vikhalath was a constant childhood rival of Denek and Laythoora.  As mentally sharp as he his physically strong, this son of a senator (Behlith) has strong feelings for Meeara, placing him in rivalry with Laythoora and Denek once again.  Accompanied Sanjitha, Jarakeh, and Ombra on a reconnaissance mission to Teres. 



Moody, playful, sarcastic, and proud, Meeara is extremely opinionated but more often than not right in the end.  Born into quite meager means, she arrived at her current state more by force of character than anything else.  Always wanting to be the center of attention has created many jealous rivals, many judging outsiders, and many open doors from those who see her potential.  Accompanied Sanjitha, Jarakeh, and Ombra on a reconnaissance mission to Teres.


 The Prophecy Campaign



 The somber seer Lohsin is one of the senior-most instructors at the academy of prophecy and fills in for Arch Prophet Zakkai when he leaves.  She forsaw her own death outside the tomb of Arenethka in the ruins of Nekthet in the Ephsheray Wastes.  Now resurrected, she recruited the group to infiltrate the villa of Councilman Voltis to destroy the Kheknekthal at the request of the Remnant harbingers.  She is the academy of prophecy liaison to Inspector Kish in the investigation of Zakkai's latest disappearance.


The Lorekeeper

An old man with a gigantic backpack filled with copies of old scrolls, songs, poems, and histories.  He constantly spouted historical facts, epic poetry, and songs.  He was killed leaving Aeolan, the Eye of Air, and his body was turned into a singing, dancing bucket by one of Jarakeh's orbs of infinite possibility.  Ombra is carrying his soul orb.


Most probably an avatar of Tehsh, Gadweh is thousands of years old.  He or she (Gadweh manifests no distinct gender) is mentioned in a story in the Kushi Telioth (Most Holy of Scrolls, May It Ever Guide Us).  He was given the gift of a magical garden in which ones deepest desires can manifest themselves.  Due to the inherent problems of such a thing, Gadweh was forced to move the garden and withdraw from society.  Gadweh and the garden can now be found within the caves below the tomb of Demeth, near the entrance to Botanicus, the Eye of the Life Cycle, although this is far from common knowledge.



 Dogen is a loner and backwoodsman who befriended Ombra over a drink.  Harsh failures at his family farm led to his leaving and going to study earth elementalism at the Academy of Elementalism.  He was a great help to the group in freeing a Terathi village and opening the Eye of Earth and hopes to continue lending his powers to his new friends.



 The God-King of the Remnant, little is known of Khuulanayen except that he commands great respect amongst the Remnant and weilds tremendous powers.



The Arch Prophet and head of the Academy of Prophecy, Zakkai is unquestioning in his service to the Aygeemya.  He often leaves Ir Alatha following visions given to him by the Aygeemya and because of such is somewhat untrustworthy as the head of an academy.  However, his skills in prophecy so far surpass any recorded in the modern period.  He is quite moody, zealous to a fault, and has little patience for those who question what he thinks he has seen.




Sins of the Father


The charismatic former leader of the Cult of the Tannet Pearl, he manipulated a tribunal to execute Eenkho's father and become the Dahkthay, the keeper of the Tannet Pearl.  He was killed by Ombra, Lehkthalis, and Eenkho in a battle that all but destroyed the structure of the cult.  His soul orb was brought back by Lehktalis to Zihth's temple and destroyed in the flames there.  The death of this powerful necromancer and the freeing of his father's soul orb are the ironic events leading to Eenkho's study of the necromantic arts.



Father of Eenkho, he was brought before a Meeari Tribunal, who presented his case to the Aygeemya.  When fire rained down from the sky, he was presumed guilty.  The fire was actually from an elementalist under the employ of Melkanath, and the tribunal was also under the control of one of his illusionist cronies.  Halis's soul orb was given to Elathnoo, Eenkho's mother, by Eenkho, following Melkanath's defeat.  Halis is presumably living with Elathnoo in Mephistele.


Mother of Eenkho.  Widow of Halis.  Member of the Cult of the Tannet Pearl.  Upon the death of Halis, she sent a monk named Kathtanee to accompany baby Eenkho and the Tannet Pearl to Ir Alatha.  She was given Halis's tarsi upon the departure of Eenkho, Ombra, and Lekhtalis.  She is presumably living with Halis in Mephistele.



A monk and friend of Halis and Elathnoo, he was sent to protect Eenkho, who bore the Tannet Pearl, and to take them to find the Arch Prophet Zakkai in Ir Alatha.  Melkanath had set an ambush just outside Ir Alatha, killed Kathtanee, and took the Tannet Pearl.  Eenkho was abandoned to be a street orphan in Ir Alatha.


 The Old Man

No one seems to remember his name, but the old man was marooned on the island of the Tombs of Demeth.  He had a shack made from wood from shipwrecks that was discovered after the betrayal of Telia.  He was killed by Eenkho and Saykoo on the group's first mission when he was mistaken for a Shakhaar.  He was resurrected and led the group to Gadweh's garden  where he got what he desired most, an end to his pain and suffering.  He had a map of the Tombs of Demeth and some notes taken by Ombra from a long time back.

This Page is for NPCs (non player characters).  They are just the background characters, there for support, color, furthering the plot, or even as a tribute.