Name: Opinisay

Gender: Male

Schools: Priesthood, Blades

Alignment: Water

Age: 58

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 135

Physical Description: Just under average height, Opinisay has long been in service as a priest of the water Aygeema Wee.  As such he is always clothed in the traditional priestly robes.  He has no known distinctive markings besides his fins which are presumably dyed blue in service to Wee.

Character Description:

 "I grew up in a small village where we had to depend on each other to survive.  There, I learned a sense of community and developed my love for others.  That is why I became a priest.  Also we often felt the threat of attack from raiding bands, so I learned early how to use a sword.  My mentor always said that "a blade is not meant for show, but for protection of self and aid to those in need."  This is why i go to great lengths to hide the fact that I am carrying a sword, but if harm is your intent, you will quickly see the glint of my blade."  Following the nurturing path of the water aygeema, Opinisay is benevolent and caring.  He is a guardian and healer who lends aid wherever his beloved aygeema leads him.

Interview With Opinisay


 Mental: 3D

  • Religion
  • Scholar


 Perception: 1D

  •  Sneak


 Strength: 3D

  • Endurance


 Dexterity: 5D

  • Slash blade
  • Dazzling Blades 2
  • Disarm
  • Lethal Strike 3
  • Martial training



 Will: 2D

  • Focus


 Mysticism: 4D

  • Blessing of Life 2
  • Zeal
  • Inspiration
  • Resurection
  • Divine Intervention



Bewaya: 2

Jofya: 20

Other Posessions:

Wood Staff with holy symbols of water 3D

Priestly robes

Rope Sandals

Travel Satchel 


Pipe and zikh pouch

Flint and tinder kit

Sword: Tidecrest 3D+2