Name: Ombra

Gender: Male

Schools: Prophecy

Alignment: Water

Age: 71

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 143 lbs

Physical Description:

Old weathered skin fades into a tattered gray wool cloak.  His skin is thin and veins are visible near the skin in places.  The mark of a water prophet is tattooed on the right side of his neck.  His large eyes look around from under a helm made from the skull of a long-forgotten animal.  Ombra's fins are dyed blue to show his service to the water Aygeema Wee.

Spheres: Common Folk, Religious

Beliefs: Anyone can be a good person somehow.  Anyone who is a good person can be friends.  Something significant is happening in this world and I have to help people because I am a part of it.

Traits: Friendly, Old, Batshit Insane, Distractable, Kind Hearted, Lack of Filter, Quixotic

Character Description:

Mysterious, spontaneous, and sometimes not entirely with it, Ombra is a prophet resurrected from ages past.  He is searching for his past and quite confused about the present.  Prone to blurting out random things and befriending anyone he comes across, Ombra still weilds considerable power.  He just doesn't remember everything.

Interview With Ombra



 Mental: 2D+1

  •  Religion


 Perception: 3D+1

  • Befriend 5D



 Strength: 1D


 Dexterity: 2D

  • Staff



 Will: 4D+2

  • Resist Illusion
  • Resist Poison

 Mysticism: 5D

  • Doom T4
  • Prophecy
  • Holy Calling
  • Sackcloth And Ashes
  • Fire And Brimstone 5D
  • Oracle
  • Judgment
  • Precognition T2
  • Martyrdom









Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Skull Helmet

Linen Robes

Wool hooded cloak

Pike  3D+2


Coin Purse

Flask of Kaf (coffee)


Eating bowl w/ spoon