Northern Empire

Armies of The Empire

Scarlet Ages
Amber Flame
Golden Radiance
Viridian Expanse
Cerulean Seas
Amethyst Frost
Ivory Cloud
Pewter Spiral
Ochre Grounds

    For the glory of the Empire, and its Empress Jakabosa, those of the Northern Empire issue forth from the citadels of Narathet to the ends of Alatha.  Marked by a sturdy and modern optimism, no doubt bolstered by its rapid rise to power and expansion, the Northern Empire is a model of order and efficiency.    

    Each region of the empire is ruled by an Exarch who answers only to the Empress herself.  The Exarch is the head of the administrative arm which provides all governance for that region.  They work in tandem with the military arm and the religious arm, which function similarly in hierarchy with the head of each answering to the Empress.  The hierarchy is referred to Order of Precedence with each lower rank answering to the rank above as shown on right.  For those of comparable rank in differing branches, length of service is used to determine deference.  Additionally the military forces of the Empire are divided into nine armies, each representing and focusing on one Aygeema.  As such, each army has a slightly different feel to it.  Unlike the Tarabolis Protectorate, the Imperial army makes heavy use of magics in its forces.  The nine armies are designated at left.


Orders of 


Military rankings

  1. Lord Marshall
  2. High Marshall
  3. Marshall
  4. Commodore
  5. Briggadier
  6. Commander
  7. Lt Commander
  8. Colonel
  9. Lt. Colonel
  10. Captain
  11. Major
  12. Sargeant
  13. Corporal
  14. Cheif
  15. Cadet
  16. Ensign


Administrative  Rankings

  1. Exarch
  2. Viceroy
  3. High Commisioner
  4. Magistrate
  5. Prefect
  6. Chaimberlain
  7. Regent
  8. Chancelor
  9. Consular
  10. Minister
  11. Deputy Minister
  12. Bureau Chief
  13. Administrator
  14. Deputy Administrator
  15. Exchequeor
  16. Clerk

Religious Rankings


  1. Acolyte
  2. Deacon
  3. Rector
  4. Vicar
  5. Proselyte 
  6. Novitiate
  7. Almoner
  8. Abbot  
  9. Prelate
  10. Sub-Ordinal  
  11. Ordinal 
  12. Arch-Ordinal  
  13. Templar
  14. Pontifex  
  15. Arbiter 
  16. Zebha'tal