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So you died...

     Well, its your lucky day.  Maybe.  Alathaya and the Remnant have a physical manifestation of their soul, called a tarsi, composed of indestructible larantha.  It will float up an inch or two from a corpse moments after death.  Your tarsi can be used to resurrect you in an elaborate ceremony.  But someone does have to actually pick up your tarsi and do it.  An altar is needed, but one may be constructed by anyone with a 4D in religion.  Upon the altar a new manifestation of your body will appear, albeit lacking any possessions you might have had.  If your friends or benefactor were nice enough to pick those up, even luckier you.  Any bewaya on your person also flicker from existence, being tied to the energy of your body.  This is not an experience to be treated lightly.  It causes extreme discomfort and confusion of senses, loss of apetite, dehydration, and a craving for pleasant smelling things.  All players resurrected will suffer -2 to constitution and -1D to all other skills for about a half day or so.  Incense from the wando pea flower is known to have a positive effect on lessening symptoms but fetches rather high prices on the market due to its delicacy and demand.

Luck dice

    One die in each roll should be a different color or size than the other dice.  This is called the luck die.  If it is a six, you may roll another die and add that to your roll in addition to the six.  If that roll is a six you may continue rolling dice to add until another number is rolled.  If a one is rolled on the first roll, that one is added to the total but the highest die's score is removed.  Ones rolled after a six as additional dice are simply treated as any other number from two to five and added to the score.


Bettering oneself

    see Rewards



    Learning a passive ability within a certain school, such as the prophet's Holy Calling, requires one to have trained at the academy and to have at least learned at least three abilities in that school.  

Key Skills

    Each school has a key skill.  When creating a character, you receive the skill that corresponds to your school for no points.  When learning a second school, one may learn that school's key skill, if one does not already have it, at the same time one may learn that school's passive (when one has learned at least three abilities in that school, neither the passive or the key skill counts towards that total).  Schools that have more than one key skill require the player to choose one or the other.