Materials and Imbuances

On the substance of things...

 Alatha is in many ways a primitive world, but it is dedicated to the arts, creativity, and craftsmanship.  Alathaya work with any material they can find to produce the finest buildings, art, gear or anything else they have in mind to create.  They make use of two realms in the process of their construction, corporeal and non-corporeal.  Most objects are simply physically crafted, that is, made from found materials.  Those objects with extreme significance may be bonded with the elemental dimensions of Alatha.  These objects are said to be imbued or to possess an imbuance.   Objects may only possess a single imbuance when created or modified by an Alathay

Corporeal materials-(in order of durability) (rated vs stone)

Linen -1D

Wool -1D

Soft Leather or Padded Armor -2

Hardened Leather -1

Wood -1

Bone -0

Stone +0

Shell +0

Copper +0

Tin +0

Iron +1

Bronze +2

Glass +1D, shatter if 1-4 on d6

Gem +2D

Larantha +10D


Corporeal modifications-(lose imbuance if failing a 4d roll for crafting) 

Strengthened shaft +1 to damage, 25% weapon price 

Perfect balance +1 to hit, 50% weapon price

Weighted -1 to hit, +1 to damage, 10% weapon price

Honed blade +1 to damage, 15% weapon price


Eefa Imbuance of (Element) - The object possesses a bond to the elemental plane and its appearance takes on some slight characteristics of the element, ie. flames, waves, clouds, rocks, spirals, stars etched into blade, rocky appearance to club, slightly warm, wet, etc. feel to spear            +2 to damage    lesser inscription  8 bewaya

Imbuance of (Element) - The object possesses a significant bond to a specific element and some or all of the object seems to radiate an aura of that element            +1d to damage   regular inscription   16 bewaya

Kushi Imbuance of (Element) - The object is crafted entirely of a substantival form of the element itself.  Only rumors exist of Alathay craftsmen who can do such things, the few objects of this sort known to exist are gifts of the aygeemya themselves.                                                                +2d to damage    greater inscription

Imbuances of the Thaumaturge - This imbuance bonds the user closer to a specific element granting a bonus to spell hit rate or spell damage.                                               +1, +2, +1D, lesser, regular or greater inscription  6, 8, 16 bewaya

Imbuance of Destiny - The object feels oddly weighty and somehow more "real" than a normal version of such an object.  In times of extreme fervor it may hum slightly.     +1d to hit   regular inscription  10 bewaya

Imbuance of Fate - The object seems extremely difficult to pick up and a will roll of 5d is necessary to put it away or set it down.  In times of extreme fervor one feels the object as an extension of self and it may make a crystalline "singing" sound or loud hum.                                                                +2d to hit   greater inscription  18 bewaya

Imbuances of Asylum, Sanctuary, Deliverance  - This imbuance may only be placed upon an article of clothing.  +2, +1d, +2d to saving rolls vs damage   lesser, regular, and greater inscriptions   6, 9, 15 bewaya

Imbuance of Grace - This imbuance on a physical object gives the bearer a heightened attribute.  +2 to a skill or attribute   regular inscriptions   4 bewaya for a skill (but not spells), 9 for an attribute

Imbuance of the Twelve - This imbuance grants the bearer extreme heightened potential.  It has only ever been granted to one Alathay as referenced in the Kushi'Telioth (most holy of scrolls, may it ever guide us).    divine inscription