Name: Mallac


Schools: Demiurge

Alignment: Air

Age: 17

Height: 4'

Weight: 125 lbs

Physical Description: Mallac is quite short and is often overlooked because of it.  His crest is dyed white and he is often found in quite fashionable attire but with a few too many bags and pouches to seem truly fashionable.  He has multiple piercings in each aural fin.


Spheres: Academic, High Society

Beliefs: The world is my playground. I find very little need or reason to trust in the logic of others or their Aygeemya over my own. I am always right. After all, I'm much smarter and more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever met I do not like being called a kid, especially by halfwit adults and feel no need for the companionship of others Every problem has a solution and every event has a reason. If something is a mystery it is because I have not been found it yet. Magic/Faith and those who practice it are delusional fools


Character Description: Born to a wealthy and aristocratic family in Ir Alatha, the boy prodigy Mallac was sent to University at a young age to deal with his lack of discipline and get him out view from the scrutiny of the circles his family ran in.  Repeated discipline issues there led to multiple expulsions from classes, but despite this, Mallac completely mastered the courses content.  His professors often remarked to each other at the speed with which he was able to grasp difficult concepts.  Forced into a six month suspension, Mallac's father disowned him for the shame brought on the family.   A short time later Mallac's family's penthouse mysteriously exploded, killing the rest of his family.  As demiurges are just beginning to make a name for themeselves in the world of adventuring, one young demiurge begins with quite a reputation of his own.


 Mental: 7D

  • Golemcraft T3  7D+2
  • Boobytrap T6  7D+2
  • Alchemy T6
  • Inscribing T3
  • Craft
  • Modify Weapon T6
  • Modify Armor T3
  • Golem Control Mastery
  • Golem Dismantle Mastery


 Perception: 2D+1



 Strength: 2D+1


 Dexterity: 5D    

Khirka 5D



 Will: 2D+2


 Mysticism: 1D



Bewaya: 33

Jofya: 7

Imbuances: Vibration of Self, +1D+2 to hit, -2D opposed perception rolls, buff

Dayo Stones: 2

Other Posessions:

Hooded cape

Adventuring clothes

Khirka - double barreled - 6D (+2D to hit, 15x magnification), +1D light damage

Wrist Spike 3D right

Dart Launcher (4 space range, left, 1D)

Hollow Glass Darts

6 VIals

Golem Birth Device

Lamp Oil

Flint  and Tinder


Mortar and pestle



Spectral Disseminator




Tonic Water



Strong Vitriol

30' rope

Clay Golemling

3 Sprite orb

Key to box 138

Grappling Hook

Leather Circlet +2 armor, +2 will


  • Invisibility
  • Kushi Thew
  • Kushi Celerity
  • Kushi Healing
  • Kushi Accuracy
  • Kushi Evasion
  • Kushi Alacrity
  • Kushi Adroitness
  • Kushi Constitution
  • Truth