Name: Lumhast

Gender: Male

Schools: Bladesman, Martial Arts

Alignment: Fire

Age: 16

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 175 lbs

Physical Description:

Lumhast is quite muscular and thickly built.  He is still in the throes of adolescence but is in complete control over his body.  He wears a set of light bone armor and his prized bronze blades hang at his side.  The rest of his gear is colored to evoke the idea of flames, colored dark red, orange, or ash.  He has scars all across both wrists, light tattoos cover much of his skin, and his dorsal crest is dyed bright orange to honor the Aygeema of Fire.




Character Description:

The brash young swordsman Lumhast is quite aware of considerable martial talents.  He is somewhat moody, and plays into many stereotypes of teenagers.  He is quite a show off, is frequently girl crazy, and attention seeking.  He seldom thinks before he acts and spends much of his free time honing his physical talents.  He was kicked out of the Academy of Martial Arts and was twice on probation at the Academy of Bladesmen.



Interview With Lumhast 


 Mental: 1D


 Perception: 1D



 Strength: 5D+1

  • Skin of Stone


 Dexterity: 5D+2

  • Fluid Movement
  • Martial Training
  • Lethal Strike
  • Watchful Eye
  • Quicksilver
  • Parry Blade
  • Dodge
  • Riding 4D 
  • Slash Blade
  • Pierce Blade



 Will: 4D

  • Iron Will
  • Mind Over Matter


 Mysticism: 1D





Bewaya: 20

Jofya: 160


Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

2 Daggers 2D+1

Sword 4D+1                     Chickmagnet

Sword 4D+1                    Cauterizer

Coin Purse

2 pouches


Bone breastplate,             backplate, and               shoulders +2D

Hard leather bracers,      leg armor, and boots

Thin black cloak

2 pouches of poison

  • slow T3
  • damage T3

60' rope




Ornate Javelin 4D+2

4 torches

5 light powerstones