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Prefixes and Suffixes

-ya - the ending "-ya" is simply the way to pluralize in Elothonikha 

 -ei - present tense verb ending

-elan - past tense verb ending

-eloi - future tense verb ending

lama'-  progressive prefix for verbs

tera'-  perfect prefix for verbs

oh-  indicates first person direct object pronoun

eh-  indicates second person direct object pronoun

ee-   indicates third person direct object pronoun

-thay -  -man, -woman, -person

-eema, -tal(a) -  denotes an agent noun, -ist, -er

nih(wih)-  indicates negative or opposite, un-, non-, a-

-(eh)foh - indicates adverbial funtion  


abih - word, matter, concern, thing
ahem'ah - sibling, one who is like a sibling in relational closeness

ahfah - parent, elder
alathay - person
amah - through
aygeema - ruler, also denotes a specific set of demi-gods especially when capitalized
azin - left
beleem - council
berah - of
bemos - many
blah - oil
boah - by
booten - rod, pillar, bar, column, club, mace
boz - strength, power
dah - house, dwelling
dayo - hero
deeah - around
dekhet - thus, so, therefore
dekya - feet
denirathi - power, force
doh - down
dodekh - bone
dooretha -
eefa - lesser, small
ehlso - nature, environment
ehlsorneema - elementalist
eletenah - welcome
fah - that, the far singular demonstrative
fahn - not
fazee - but
fee - this, the near singular demonstrative
fees - gray
foof - cloud
foral - statement, creed, exclamation
gahs - at
gayn - up
gizamay - street, road
goown - yellow

geh - on
ir - city
jahshah - over
jaka - beauty
jakhtha - out (of)
jof - coin, specifically those printed on mother-of-pearl
jonah - under
jothah - in
kah/ah - or
kadar - tree, trunk
kehlayah - children, offspring, descendants
khahebeema - mortal, living
khay - flesh, muscle, corpse, sinews
khayheleen - tomb
khayorneema - necromancer
khirkathay - marksman
khit - fist
khohg - rock, ground, dirt, Alatha as a planet, or the Aygeema thereof
khoo - dark
kih/ih - and
klee - holy, perfect, without defect
kleeabih - exemplar, paragon, perfect specimen
kushee - great, large
leffet - green
lehbheetala - illusionist
lehlakohm - formal greeting
meeah - for
midaba - desert, wastes
mohs - some
nah - to
nayveema - prophet
naeva - ice, cold, or the aygeema thereof
nehsh - the, the definite article
nihvathoshay - frost warden
nohmee - room, place, space, clearing
nolas - stranger
oura - tail, stream, follower
oothebeema - eye
ohrnehk - altar
orkaytal - assassin
rahn - right (direction)
rama - friend
reen - music
rohkhastal - lorekeeper
rohl - white
rohlshara - silver
sahrah - from
sahsheema - maker, creator, artisan
sakih - all
salkhaleema - priest
salkhalehkh - temple
sanah - until
sanee - favored or revered, used as a term of respect, formality, as in Mr., Lady, Miss, etc
sarasha - woven, weaving, knotted, intertwined
sasheema - demiurge
sayh - tan
say - source
sayya - the eternal deity of the Alathaya, the energy, bond, "connection", or "chemistry" between things or people
sel - limb, leg, arm, branch, extension
sesh - body
seshorntal - martial artist
sha - a, an, the indefinite article
shah - air, or the Aygeema thereof
shava - wind
shawep - clean, pure
sheen - blade
sheenaythay - bladesman
swee - small boat
switala - ship, vessel
tannet - blue
taurekh - iron
teeihth - he, she, it, the third person singular pronoun
tee - his, her, hers, it's,
the third person singular possessive pronoun
tehihf - you, the second person singular pronoun
teh - your, yours,
the second person singular possessive pronoun
tehsh - the cycle of life and death, or the Aygeema thereof
ten - with
thaygoora - bronze. brazen, brass
thayhath - orange
thebeema - receiver, stomach, mouth, consumer, that which takes in, devourer
tohkoo - I, me, the first person singular pronoun
toh - my, mine
the first person singular possessive pronoun
too - what, that, which, whose, the relative pronoun
vay - like, as
vela - body of water
visnath - that which, what, relative pronoun
voo - light, or the Aygeema thereof
volena - armor
voleri - guard, guardian, protector
voletha - shield
voogoora - gold, golden, gilt
wee - water, or the Aygeema thereof
zam - also, even
zamay - way, road, path, direction
zayn - clear

zihgaema - brawler
zihth - fire, or the Aygeema thereof




akhneb - to lay (down), sit

aygeb - to rule

baneb - to run

bereb - to play

dakheb - to do

dodeb - to close

doreb - to to rise

eldeb - to desire

feekheb - to cry

feelaweb - to open

fehneb - to smell/sniff, denotes taking in of scent only

gizeb - to walk

habeb - to taste

hakheb - to hate

heezeb - to see

joleb - to become

kateb - to touch

kekeb - to fight

khaseb - to write

khayheb - to die

klaneb - to seek/search

lameb - to be

latheb - to love

lehbeb - to bring

lohzeb - to think

meebeb - to finish

moteb - to feel (emotionally)

nadeb - to sleep

nahkheb - to leave

neveb - to prophesy, tell the future

ohreb - to surprise

orneb - to control

paneb - to purchase

reeneb - to sing

rijeb - to enjoy

rijayzeb - to dance

rodeb - to have

saboeb - to need

saleb - to breathe/blow

salkhaleb - to pray

sasheb - to make

shaweb - to clean

sheefeb - to hear

shooleb - to live

shosheb - to swim

someb - to enter

takeb - to stop

theb - to take in/consume

theeleb - to give

thohdeb - to speak

thohsheb - to order/organize

tolezeb - to learn

tomeebeb - to judge

toreeneb - to laugh

vereb - to go

vektheb - to approach, to draw near, to draw close to

voleb -  to guard, to protect, to shield, to brace/support

weetheb - to drink

zihgeb - to destroy

zihtheb - to catch on fire/burn