Name: Lektalis

Gender: Male

Schools:Prophecy, Elementalism

Alignment: Fire

Age: 28

Height: 6'

Weight: 130

Physical Description: Lean and angular, with holy markings of Zihth tattooed over much of his body.

Spheres: Religious, Academic


The will of Zith is more important than my wishes.

The Temple reveals the collective will of the Aygeema.

Fire is the only means for cleansing.


Prideful, Intelligent, Intense, Flaming, Authoritative, Strong Willed, Loyal.

Character Description: Anonymously dedicated as a baby to the temple of Fire, Lektalis is a scholar of the school of Zihth.  He is incredibly intelligent, but is also arrogant and high tempered.  His devotion to Zihth as a warrior prophet makes him a skilled fighter and a foe to be reckoned with.  Until angered he is quite stoic and serious.  He is easily offended and quick to battle.  He tends to be on the bitter and cynical side and is extremely fond of drink and smoking.

Interview with Lektalis




 Mental: 7D

  •  Religion
  •  Scholar
  •  Tactics

 Perception: 3D



 Strength: 3D


 Dexterity: 3D

  • Dodge


 Will: 4D


 Mysticism: 7D

  • Firestorm T3 - 5D
  • Fireball T5 - 6D
  • Ignite T4 - 4D+2 for 1D turns
  • Fireshield T5 - 5D
  • Conjure Fire
  • Elemental Focus
  • Conjure Elemental
  • Fire And Brimstone T3 - 5D+2
  • Prophecy
  • Doom T4 - 4D+2
  • Oracle
  • Holy Calling
  • Divine Conduit 7D+2




Bewaya: 49

Jofya: 10859

Imbuances: +2D Spell Damage, +1D fire damage on contact to skin

Dayo Stones: 2

Other Posessions:

Azure robe with black   and gold flames (+1D fire damage on contact)

Fingerless gloves +1D to hit with spells

Red leather gauntlets

Black leather boots

Orange leather belt

Staff with skull and fire sprite orb  5D

Pipe and zikh pouch


"On The Possibilities Of Higher Plane      Dimensional Reality and Existence Vol. 3"

Travel sack

Ring with a shattered piece of fire larantha 


Weeks worth of travel      food and water

Wineskin of lopo wine

Choker (+1D resist             illusion)

Bottle fine red wine

Quills and inkwell

Sealing wax

Signet ring of Jaadin       boss

50yr Aged Showee

Fine Golo

Remnant Holy Symbol (+1D to hit fire spells) 

Sobering Flask


  • +1 Myst
  • +2 Body