Name:  Larth

Gender: Male

Schools:  Brawler

Alignment:  Earth

Age:  29

Height: 6' 6"

Weight:  289 lbs.

Physical Description:  A huge hulk of an Alathay, Larth was destined to be a brawler if he was to be an adventurer of any sort.  He wears armor made of rough cut granite, too heavy for most Alathaya to even lift.  He is often covered in dust and his dorsal crest is dyed a sandy tan in allegiance to the earth Aygeema Khohg.



Spheres: Common Folk



Character Description:  Forced since birth to be strong and tough, Larth was seen as a tool by his family.  Sent to work with his father in the rock quarries outside Ir Bas from the time he was first able to lift a hammer, he was sent to fight in gladiatorial combat pits against young layirdeeya and kelp wyrms.  At age 25, his camp was attacked by a huge draconian war-serpent.  Hefting the armor he had been crafting from pure granite, he slew the war-serpent and took to a new life as an adventurer.  Fresh all the classes he could buy at the academy of brawling (the only schooling he ever liked), Larth is ready to take whatever beating he needs to to go on adventures. 



 Mental: 1D

  •  Rock cutting 4D+2


 Perception: 1D+2




 Strength: 5D+1

  • Strength Training
  • Lifting
  • Swimming
  • Endurance


 Dexterity: 5D+1

  • Blowgun
  • Riding
  • Club/mace
  • Throwing Weapon
  • Sweeping Arc
  • Easy Technology
  • Overwhelming Force
  • Head Conk
  • Pummel T2




 Will:  4D+1



 Mysticism: 1D



Bewaya: 0

Jofya: 18


Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Hollow two-handed          rock maul 5D             (req 4D Str) -eefa imbuance of earth

3 Stone throwing             knives 2D+1

10 Stone darts, 2D

Hewn granite slab armor    +2D+1 body        (req 4D Str to lift)

Rock cutting hammer         and chisels 1D+2

Lucky rock 1D

Side pouch

Linen waist clothes