Kushi'Vela: The Great Sea

Gee, this sea sure is great!

    The world of Alatha is more water than it is land.  The Alathay call the water surrounding the archipelago they live on "Kushi'Vela" which means "[The] Great Sea".  Sailing and shipbuilding have been a significant part of Alathay culture since before the dawn of civilization.  There is no more convenient method of transport in Alatha than by boat and nearly every major city is built on a coast or river.  Sea caravans are common and cargo is constantly exchanged between the islands.  One out of three adult Alathaya have had a job revolving around ships at some point in their lives.  The Tarabolis Protectorate maintains a strong naval fleet that is constantly on patrol around significant areas.  Teres and the League of Free Trade also maintain military fleets to protect their resources.  The Le'hoonsa and other groups of raiders and pirates make frequent attacks from the sea against villages and cargo vessels.  Well-equipped vessels will be armed with air pressure powered "cannon" made from the shells and dried skin of the Sea Borer.  Nearly every military vessel and any other ship that can afford it will hire a water elementalist to guide their ship in troubled areas and wreak havoc on ships that threaten them.  These elementalists, nicknamed "Sea Mages", are the most commonly seen dayoklan due to the large demand for their services.

A typical Alathay ship.  Note the forward-angled "foremast", the dual side-mounted rudders, and the elongated fore and aft  projections below the waterline.  The "Eye of Wee" is very commonly painted on the side of a vessel as a good luck symbol invoking the protection of the Aygeema of water.  Sails are generally rectangular although a triangular sail on the foremast is not uncommon.