Kinsthet Desert

The Kinsthet Desert is a blazing wasteland, with a few scattered cities run by ruthless warlords.  Survival itself is a battle here, with a scorching sun raining fiery rays over a parched earth and endless sand.  Strange gravitational forces are at work here, with each element slightly off, and all the life and water drained from the area from The Fade.  Floating mesas and lithics hang in the sky, while flesh-eating scarabs, savage hunter birds, and rock-skinned predators prowl for anything they can find.  Don't expect much help from the few peoples that live there either.  When it comes to survival, they know it often comes down to you or them.  Worse, there are more than a few rumors of cannibalism.  In addition, roving slaver bands are common, hauling away those they find to toil building monuments to the power hungry warlords.  The ruins of ancient empires, long before the common era, sink into the sands, clinging to memories all but forgotten by the Remnant scribes.