Name: Khooshahvah

Gender: Male

Schools: Assassins/ Bladesman

Alignment: Life Cycle

Age: unknown


Weight: 170 lbs

Physical Description: Sturdily built and graceful, Khooshahvah is in perfect physical shape.  He is agile and silent, moving quickly between shadows as he studies his targets with brooding and suspicious eyes.  He wears nearly all black and shadowy hues that further convey the ominous persona he radiates.


Spheres: Criminal,

Beliefs: I serve Lord Eenkho alone. 

Traits: Suspicious, Mysterious, Stoic, Silent, Cat-like, Loyal

Character Description:  Khooshahvah takes his name from a mythical thief and trickster of Teres, who was able to get into and out of anywhere he so chose.  Taking this persona and abondoning his previous identity, Khooshavah became the personal guard of Lord Eenkho.  He is guarded and suspicious of everyone, says little, and will go to any cost to protect Eenkho and his interests.  He followed the heros back through the eye of time and now attempts to hasten Eenkho's ascent to power.



 Mental: 3d+2

  • Streetwise 5D+2
  • Poison 5D


 Perception: 6D

  • Sneak 7D+2
  • Hide 8D+1
  • Search
  • Con
  • Intimidate
  • Forge
  • Stealthy



 Strength: 3D

  • Jump 4D
  • Climb 5D


 Dexterity: 5D

  • Dodge
  • Whip
  • Pick Pocket
  • Pierce Blade
  • Throw
  • Throat Slit T2
  • Stealthy
  • Sneak Attack T5
  • Leap of Faith
  • Vital Puncture
  • Study Weakness
  • Drop Caltrops
  • Cornered Stance
  • Acrobatic Stance
  • Evasive Stance
  • Extension of Self
  • Disarm
  • Watchful Eye T3
  • Reversal
  • Flying Leap
  • Death Touch



 Will: 4D

  • Control Pain 5D
  • Resist Illusion 5D+2
  • Resist Illness
  • Resist Poison
  • Iron Will T1


 Mysticism: 4D

  • Dark Fog T2 4D+2
  • Plague Immunity




Imbuances: Shadow and haze, +2 sneak, +2 vs to hit, Black leather studded belt imbuance of deliverance, +2D to saving rolls vs. damage

Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Lifedrinker 4D +1D, req 4D Will & 5D Dex, on damage -1 to rolls debuff, +1 buff 

Covered boiled leather armor +2D

Throwing Daggers 3D+1

Long Dagger 4D+1

Lockpick kit

Vials of blood

Poison kit

Rope & Grapple