Name: Jarakeh

Gender: Male

Schools: Illusions

Alignment: Air

Age: 26

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 135 lbs

Physical Description:  Lean and muscular, Jarakeh keeps his face wrapped in strips of linen cloth except when eating.  His wrists and ankles are wrapped similarly.  He wears an flowing corsair-style shirt and a wide sash.  His dorsal crest is dyed white in the tradition of the followers of the air Aygeema Shah.  He is average in looks and lacks few defining features that make him stand out from a crowd.  He nearly always wears a long cloak of pegiya feathers.


Character Description: Born to an established potter's family, Jarakeh became the black sheep of his family when he left his apprenticeship to join the Academy of Illusions.  His sudden departure from his family was a culmination of a life of daydreaming about all the adventures to come.  All of his experience in outlandish daydreaming benefited Jarakeh in his schooling.  Fresh out, he is looking to fulfill those dreams.  He looks at adventuring as a business, and has little tolerance for anything that wastes his time.  Money isn't everything by any means though.  Jarakeh's reputation and his understanding of magic and how it works are probably far larger priorities.  Jarakeh often acts as the director of the group.

 Interview With Jarakeh


 Mental: 3D

  •  Navigation


 Perception: 3D


 Strength: 2D


 Dexterity: 2D



 Will: 4D

  • Resist Illusion
  • Focus


 Mysticism: 4D

  • Illusion of Fear
  • Illusion of Time
  • Mirage
  • Dual Personality
  • Schizophrenia
  • Vanish
  • Create Illusion
  • Magical Sophisticate








Bewaya: 33

Jofya: 1,594


Other Posessions:

Neck, wrist, and ankle     wraps 

Puffy pants

Off-white corsairs shirt

Thick sash

Side pouch

Imbued pegiya cloak

Walking stick 3D

Glass jar of cave salt

Collapsible bag

Air sprite orb

Green fruit 

Coin pouch

Bag of possibility orbs

Sleeveless wool robe

Corsair outfit with...

  • Skelton key
  • File
  • Small Blade
  • 3 small lockpicks

Flour "smoke bomb"

Rusty hatchet 2D+2

Rusty sailor's knife 2D

30 yards of thin rope

Rock Of Destiny!

Sacks of odd leaves        and nut meats

Note Eenkho dropped

Note from Jaadin

Jaadin chest

Stone w/  prophecy 

Map of Remnant Lands