Interview With Ombra

He kept looking at something in the corner, there was seriously nothing there... 

The following is an interview with Ombra, elderly prophet of the water Aygeema Wee, by Tuhwa, elder chronicler for the Great Library of Ir Alatha.


1  What do you see as your future goals?   Both long term and short term  

Well, Id like to be remembered.  Remembered as someone people enjoyed having around.  And in with our group.  For long term goals I wanna be someone that really made a dent in history and is remembered, you know?

2  What do you think is the best thing about you?  Your biggest weakness?  Your greatest strength?

The best thing about me is I take anything lightly and don't let things get to me. Ive got a good sense of humor. My greatest weakness would be thinking before acting, which is sometimes not good at all for a prophet like myself. It's not like I always know what's gonna happen ya know. My strength would be the fact that I am a prophet and what that can provide for our group.  Also I've got a sweet hat.  Its a skull!

3  What is the most enjoyable thing you remember doing?  What is the most significant thing you remember doing? 

Just meeting people is enjoyable, telling stories.  Opening the Eye at Cryosara is pretty much the most significant thing I've done.  Only died 14 times trying!

4  What is your favorite place in Ir Alatha?

Trellyan Gardens, where I can just sit back and enjoy.  Isn't so noisy as everywhere else.

5  Describe your ideal day

Proly going to the bar, getting a drink meet my friends, and proceed by helping them out with my abilities, or however else.  I would usually have a goal that day to make at least one person giggle.

6  How do you feel about the people you travel or spend time with?

I enjoy them all a lot.  Its weird that most of em are together because of me.   I have to say some of them are fast to react and arrogant but they are still company, that arrogant one would be Saykoo.  Then there are some that just need to kick back and relax, but like I said, they are company!

7  What makes you most excited, what do you enjoy the least, what do you fear the most

I really enjoy everything we do, but I do fear the most my companions turning on me.  I really enjoy roasted pegiya on a stick too!  I don't like walking for long times, I'm not so young now.

8  Why do you think you're here

Well, I am here cause i am supposed to do some important things.  I don't really remember what they are.  I am just trying to help the people I meet that come with us to do what they are trying to do.   

9  Tell me about your past, where you're from, your family, notable accomplishments or failures, any significant other relationships or jobs 

Well, I got resurrected by some random guy.  I was dead for a long time.  Too long to remember anything.  All I know is my name is Ombra, I am a prophet of Wee, and the world doesn't seem like it should.  I found out I wrote a book once called "The Procoming" and died a bunch trying to do some stuff.  Now I pretty much just do stuff with my group.  When I am in Ir Alatha, I stay with Pem.  He's the one who resurrected me.  He's a glassblower.

10 Theres a dangerous creature approaching your group quickly, you...

foresee people's best reactions and prophesy them, helping out the party.

11 A quote that personifies you

"Just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it!"