Interview With Mika

The following is an interview with Mika, remnant morphomancer and envoy to the Temple, by Tuhwa, elder chronicler for the Great Library of Ir Alatha.


1  What do you see as your future goals?   Both long term and short term
2  What do you think is the best thing about you?  Your biggest weakness?  Your greatest strength?
3  What is the most enjoyable thing you remember doing?  What is the most significant thing you remember doing?
4  What is your favorite place in Ir Alatha? (feel free to check out )
5  Describe your ideal day

6  How do you feel about Remnant culture? Why did you leave?  What do you hope to accomplish here in Alathaya lands?

7  What makes you most excited, what do you enjoy the least, what do you fear the most
8  Why do you think you're here
9  Tell me about your past, where you're from, your family, notable accomplishments or failures, any significant other relationships or jobs (ombra, no need for you to respond here)
10 Theres a dangerous creature approaching your group quickly, you _______________________________________________
11 A quote that personifies you