Interview With Grinshoh

One of our own

The following is an interview with my dear friend Grinshoh, chronicler, scholar, lorekeeper, and now adventurer, by Tuhwa, elder chronicler for the Great Library of Ir Alatha.


1  What do you see as your future goals?   Both long term and short term
The long term is simple, like many great authors of old I would like to finish my opus, the book that forever cements my place as one of the great historians of this age. I believe that this will be my Chronicles of the Guardians of Light; a thrilling and historically accurate adventure journal in which I will be chronicling the events that transpire to the said group as a member inside of that group. It is a fascinating concept and I owe Aranos my deepest gratitude for awarding me this honor. Short term... are you going to finish that delicious looking slice of pegiya, because if not, I would be more then willing to help you out with it.

2  What do you think is the best thing about you?  Your biggest weakness?  Your greatest strength?
I'm a great companion who is always there to help the group accomplish what needs to be done. I tend to be rational and provide a firm foundation for those around me. Well, if you want to go with sheer size, my biggest weakness would be my... let's say ample belly. I also can lose track of where I'm at from time to time. There was this one time that I was supposed to defend my thesis in front of the High Lore-keepers, but had completely lost track of time when I stumbled upon the most fascinating Alathay I've ever meet. If I remember correctly his name was Ombuh, no wait, Ombra. The stories he told me seemed almost to good to be true. What was the question again. Oh, yes, well my greatest strength would have to be my vast stores of knowledge. After spending so many seasons in the Library, one begins to pick up a thing or two.

3  What is the most enjoyable thing you remember doing?  What is the most significant thing you remember doing?
I feel asleep once and dreamt that books could talk to me, it was, needless to say, the best thing that has ever occured in my life to this date.  Oh the things those books told me.

4  What is your favorite place in Ir Alatha?
 The glimmering bastion of light to this world also known as the Great Library of Ir Alatha. There is hope in this world as long as it stands.

5  Describe your ideal day
I would wake up to a warm glass of tea and breakfast while perusing some light reading. Then I would continue my daily studies. Break for a light lunch of 3-5 courses, then back to studying. After the evening meal, I would join in a deep discussion with my colleagues over drinks, and then wind down in my room to an adventure novel. Wait, did you ask what I did every day...

6  How do you feel about the people you travel or spend time with?
They are interesting individuals. I've never had such comraderie with Dayokhans before. To be accepted by them makes me feel truly blessed by the Aygeemya. Sometimes I don't understand the decisions they make, but the world does strange things to an Althay who doesn't hold faith in the knowledge of our predecessors.

7  What makes you most excited, what do you enjoy the least, what do you fear the most
I would say great meals, rare texts, and interesting people and places make me the most excited. People who hoard away knowledge and don't share it with the world have made me upset to a degree in which I've never truly been able to recover from. One time, I had a nightmare in which angry hordes where approaching the library with torches a the gleam of destruction in their eyes. I woke up in a sweat and couldn't sleep for three days straight after that.

8  Why do you think you're here

I think I'm here because you asked to interview me. Otherwise I would be in the study researching the epic poems of Shovan for a reading I'll be giving later this week.

9  Tell me about your past, where you're from, your family, notable accomplishments or failures, any significant other relationships or jobs
Well, until recently I've been a lorekeeper at the Library for over 28 years. I'm from Ir Altha and took an interest in the library from a young age. My family encouraged me to pursue the path of the scholar and the rest is history. I rose through the ranks until I became one of Aranos' most trusted Lore-keepers. It was because of my success that I was given the opportunity to accompany the Guardians of Light. It is not, like Ruora likes to spread around, because everyone finds me to be the single most annoying Alathay ever. His claims are completely unfounded and lack any credible research to back them up.

10 Theres a dangerous creature approaching your group quickly, you ______________________________

Well, what type of creature. If it was a pack of Lay'irdeeya, I would play dead, as recommended by Galio in his survival guide. If it was a Sern during mating season, I would slowly back off alternately shouting, twirling, and beating my chest to scare it off, also the recommended strategy by the world traveling author Galio. I've heard that the best way to deal with Besithya is to immediately retreat till it backs off, but then again, I think that's what lead to Galio being dead for a few years until his tarsi was recovered in the Northern Wastes.

11 A quote that personifies you

"The quill is mightier then the Khirka."