Interview With Aelthos

The following is an interview with Aelthos, wandering mystic, by Tuhwa, elder chronicler for the Great Library of Ir Alatha.


1  What do you see as your future goals?   Both long term and short term

Hmm, in the short term I hope to be able to find a way to connect with the mystical world more fully.  Nothing so far is doing much good, so maybe I should push that into the long term.  I've done a lot of traveling and a lot of studying and most of it hasn't really gotten me what I'm looking for.

 2  What do you think is the best thing about you?  Your biggest weakness?  Your greatest strength?

Is the best thing about me my greatest strength?  Tenin the Elder once said that our greatest weakness is the most notable thing about us.  I think that for me, my ability to see multiple sides to an issue at the same time is what helps distinguish me, although sometimes it cripples me as well.

3  What is the most enjoyable thing you remember doing?  What is the most significant thing you remember doing? 

My most enjoyable times have always been when I have been completely caught up in the here-and-now and not giving a single thought to the larger world or my future.  The most significant thing about me has been my quest for a greater depth of connection with the world beyond our vision.  Not that all of what I've done has actual brought me to that point.

4  What is your favorite place in Ir Alatha?

In the temple grounds, right in the center, beside the Great Altar, when no one else is around.  I like being by the water too, especially if there is a storm coming and the wind whips in your face, blowing past you, but I guess that's not a specific place in Ir Alatha

5  Describe your ideal day

My ideal day in terms of what I enjoy most or what I think should happen?  Define which type of ideal you, never mind.  The ideal is never realized.

6  How do you feel about the people you travel or spend time with? 

Most people I meet are generally good people, just a little too concerned about the wrong things.  They're all different though, I like people, just not crowds.

7  What makes you most excited, what do you enjoy the least, what do you fear the most?

There is little that makes me excited now save a good meal or something like that.  I fear none of this may amount to anything and I dislike anything I am forced to do that I don't think makes any real difference.

8  Why do you think you're here?

In the library?  Or, like, existentially?  You really need to clarify when you ask stuff like that.  I wish I knew why I was here.  That goes for either meaning, so I guess it doesn't really matter, in this case...

9  Tell me about your past, where you're from, your family, notable accomplishments or failures, any significant other relationships or jobs...

I grew up with a normal family in Ir Renisa.  I left them early on to study, they're good people but they don't get me.  They think I am not practical enough.  Too high of expectations, an idealist, you know.  I studied at the Academies of Prophecy and Priesthood, didn't really fit me, so I went and lived with the monks of the Shenos Khit for a little while.  It wasn't really what I was looking for either.  The last couple years I lived in Kio, with two artists, Slad and Viter.  Learned a lot, they showed me a good time, helped me enjoy the present.  But I have to find something more for me than just sitting around with them

10 Theres a dangerous creature approaching your group quickly, you ...

Wait to see what it does, if it attacks, I destroy it as it does so.  If not, whats the point?

11 A quote that personifies you?

...seen it all before, heard all the shiny and disengaged lines...