Difficulty      Skill            Effect

             2                         Condemn                               -2 to myst, debuff, persists through battle

             3                         Hallowed Augur                   Lamp which detects and points toward magic use/areas of strong magic

             3                         Incense of Confession       -2 to spell hit, centered AOE debuff, minor action

             3                          Rod of Nym †                         target is -1D to spell damage, debuff    

             3                          Chakram of Sactity †            spells do 1/3 damage (before save rolls) back at caster, buff

             3                         Chrism of Penance           target -2 to spell hit *, weapon buff, minor action

             3                         Annointed Oil                    +1 to weapon damage *, weapon buff, minor action                  

             3                         Excision of Heresy  T1          Make 2 Hesychasm attacks at -1D to off-hand weapon dmg and -2 to hit

             3                         Litany of the Kyari  T1            Shoot 2 Darts per turn

             3                         Plaguebane Incense           Plague must beat a 15 will role to enter area, AOE

             3                         Rite of Anamnesis                 Elementals and Sprites must flee or take full damage

             3                         Dogmatic Resolve                 take one regular action at normal rolls and two minor actions

             3                         Meter of Orthodoxy                 roll will vs spell hit to resist all debuff or damage spells, passive

             4                         Hallowed Water               Strips first applied buff on target *, weapon buff, minor action

             4                         Plaguebane Chrism        +1D to weapon damage vs plague, weapon buff, minor action      

             4                         Excision of Heresy  T2         Make 2  Hesychasm attacks at -2 to off-hand weapon dmg and -1 to hit

             4                         Litany of the Kyari  T2            Shoot 3 Darts per turn

             4                         Chalice of Confession †      target is -1D to damage resistance, debuff                    

             4                         Rite of Absolution*                 takes two rounds, all targets marked as condemned lose all buffs

             4                         Ankh of Recalcitrance †        target does -2D dex based damage, buff

             5                         Rite of Schismata*                takes two rounds,  3D dam, & debuff of -2D Dex, movement/2

             5                         Chrism of Apostasy        +1D+2 to weapon damage vs zoarchs*, weapon buff, minor action

             5                         Wyrmbane Chrism         +2D to weapon damage vs dragons, weapon buff, minor action    

             5                         Excision of Heresy  T3          Make 2 Hesychasm attacks at -1 to off-hand weapon dmg, no hit penalty

             5                         Litany of the Kyari  T3            Shoot 4 Darts per turn

             5                         Finger of Toliarp†                  Target must beat 16 with will roll to use a Myst based spell, buff   

             5                         Litany of the Catechist          Use Condemn & a regular action not giving additional actions, passive

             6                         Rite of Excommunication*   takes two rounds, target may take no action for 1D/2 rounds

             6                         Litany of the Kyari  T4            Shoot 4 Darts per turn and take two minor actions

             6                         Ephod of Blasphemy         Wielder takes -2D spell damage from Condemned*, buff

             6                         Last Rites*                              If condemn has taken at >1 damage at least twice, takes 5D damage


*Requires Condemn on target      

Requires item in possession to use 

Weapon coating, may be applied to any weapon by Inquisitor with valid skill, takes effect when coated weapon does at least 1 damage with that weapon, treated as a buff