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Interview With Khoo'Shis & Kha'Shis

            Khoo’Shis and Kha’Shis are sitting together in the clan hall, quietly discussing some family matters when in walks Dahk. Approaching the two in a nonchalant manner, Dahk sits down and politely interjects his way into their conversation.

“You know you two have yet to fill out the clan questionnaire, right? You know that by doing so, you make me, your sponsor, look bad in the eyes of the other clan members…”  After a slight pause, Dahk continues. “I shall sit here to administer your interview. During this process I shall record your answers and post them so that I do not lose any of the reputation that I have worked so hard to garner in this august company of dayo.  So, Khoo, you first. What are your future goals both short and long term?”

 Khoo’Shis pauses while sharing a look with his brother. “Well Dahk, I guess my goals for both short term and long term would be to gain the skills to keep my enemies occupied and distracted enough so that they can never harm my companions. That’ll make me sound like a good’un… wait, you weren’t supposed to write that. It was an aside… Seriously? Hhhaa…”

After transcribing everything, Dahk puts down his quill and turns to Kha’Shis.”Now you.”

“Well, short term I’m working on some inscriptions for speech based skills as well as a project called sun stones. Basically, you throw them on the ground and close your eyes as the flash will blind all your adversaries. I haven’t quite gotten the right mix yet but it shouldn’t take too long. As for long term…” Kha’Shis looks down at his legs before continuing. “One day I hope to develop a clockwork version of legs that can carry me so I don’t have to rely on the good nature of my brother to get about…”

“’Right. Khoo, strengths and weaknesses? Then you Kha.”

“ Strengthes, well, my strength would have to be my strength. Hahahaha, ahhh, it’s good to laugh. “ Seeing that no one else is laughing, Khoo’Shis clears his throat and continues. “Uhh, that and my tolerance for pain. I’ve been

stabbed, clubbed, clobbered, dropped, flung, punched, punctured, tossed, chopped, and you name it so many times that I’ve come to separate my body from my mind in combat. It’s as if I exist in a world where pain has no meaning. I stare at pain in the face and laugh, that’s what keeps me up and going so that me friends can do the dirty work. Can’t say as I‘m much help against magic. It’s not that it hurts but that it’s not even fair. I can bench press a lamdril but some puny lil’ thing can call down fire and brimstone… It’s not natural, it isn’t. “

“Excuse my brother. It’s not that he’s stupid, far from it, he just gets carried away sometimes. Well, my strengths are clearly not like my brothers. On days that I can walk ten steps I consider it a minor victory. Though my body is steadily decaying over time, my mind, of my mind has just gotten stronger. It’s as if my mind is slowly sucking my body dry as it reaches new heights in Alathaya understanding. I see things. Give me a design and I make it happen. Give me an idea and I’ll design something to do that work for you. Give me a wheel and you’ll get a better one back. That is my strength. Now if I just had the lab to do the work I needed to do… but that is another story.”

“’Kay, most enjoyable or significant thing you remember. Ideal day. What makes you most excited?’

“Hmm, have’ta say when I beat the living pegiya out of some street toughs twice my age when they were giving my brother a hard time. It was then that I knew what my life’s calling would be. An ideal day is any day that I get to spar, fight, wrestle, tussle, scuffle, or ruffle some pegiya’s feathers, hahahahaha. Same with most excited, although getting to try out some of my brother’s new swag always makes me excited. I remember this one time he gave me this corrosive acid vial. Bunch of bandits where trying to rob the caravan I was on to guard. I was as giddy as a young alathay on his first day of training to try out that vial on ‘em. Ate right through their blades it did. Hahaha, ohhh, the looks on their faces.”

“I can sum up all three on those questions in a short and simple response. Any day in which I create something new, finish a project, or start a new project for that matter, is a memorable, exciting, and ideal day.”

“What do you like least, and fear most?”

“Food that I know will make my stomach upset. I’ll still eat it but I always regret it afterwards… As for fears, you aren’t going to go share this are ya? No, I just won’t do it. Can’t go sharin’ my fears. Could give my enemies incentive to find giant spiders the size of three golems on top of each other…”

“Labs and libraries that aren’t stocked well are among the things I like least. Just imagine the benefits of a fully stocked lab and the things I could create for this clan... As for fears, I only have my mind and my hands. If either of them go, then I am nothing and my life would become a living hell not worth continuing…”

“What do people notice first about you?”

“My friendly demeanor.”

“You mean after they are done guffawing at my physical deformities?  Hmm, my intense stare.”

“Okay, just a few more questions. Tell me about your past, where you’re from, what is your family is like, et cetera, et cetera?”

“I’ll handle this one, no sense in us both saying the same thing… We’re Sadinians born and bred, although of the Imperial flavor. We were born to a family of career Imperial diplomats sent to look after the Empresses’ interests on the island. Me being of the habit to stick my foot in my mouth, and my brother being the sickly type, bless his heart, we’ve always been the black sheep of the family. With us also being the youngest, our family has just left us to our own selves. As long as we don’t drag the family name in the mud or embroil it in scandal, they could care less what we do. Which is why we kind of fell into this. With so much free time, I was always getting into scuffles and he was always making new things to make sure I won those scuffles. Same trend seems to be still going on, huhahauahhahha.”

“Hmmm. I guess that kind of addresses my next question, why don’t you have normal jobs? It seems like you two are suited for what you do. Which, coincidently, is why I recruited you in the first place. So, last question. You and a few others are in a dangerous situation, what’d’ya do first?”

“Doesn’t much really matter what we’re fighting, my modus operandi, my brother just taught me that one, is to make myself the most threatening target to get them enemies to focus on me. Now, if it’s like a storm or an existential crisis or the cake is ‘bout to burn, I’m just going to hunker down and pray that we get through it… Not much use being big and threatening when your enemy is too much heat in the oven now is it?”

“I don’t really do combat, that’s what he is for. Assuming something does happen about all I can do is throw the various vials of acids and bases that I keep in the various pouches on my jerkin.” Pulls out a handful from a pouch to the left of his chest. “What do we have here. They would totally get hit by these three screws, this strand of wire and this vial of ….” Stops to uncork the vial and smell it. “Hmmm, elderberry lager. So that’s where I put that sample from the tavern. Okay, so not that intimidating but like I said, I don’t really do danger.”

“That should wrap us up. Sorry to interrupt but like I said, I intend for you guys to not pull down my reputation. Everything you do here reflects on me since I was the one to get you in. Know this and bear it in mind in all your actions. Good day.”

“Woah, that was a bit intense. Oh well, want another round?”