In the ancient War of Desolation, the followers of each element waged war upon the others, seeking complete oblivion for those who supported another power.  Many of the most powerful weapons and artifacts come from this period, as it represents society at one of its pinnacles pouring all its knowledge and resources into military might.  Technically only three weapons of each element were created imbued with the full force of that element, and these are the true Higharms of Desolation.  However, many other quite powerful artifacts and weapons were crafted during this period that rival the Higharms in power and are often referred to by the term.  In addition, due to the antiquity of the relics, there was often some confusion over which items were technically the actual original Higharms of Desolation.  Many scholars believe the following list to be most accurate.

Galecaller- staff, 3D+1, req. Myst 5D

Nimbeon- scimitar, 3D+2, req. Dex 4D+2

Tempestera- dual bladed axe, 4D, req. Dex 4D+1

Stonefury- one handed mace, 3D+2, req. Str 4D

Graniton- two handed warhammer, 5D, req Str 5D+1

Hillrender- large bastard falchion, 4D, req. Str 4D+2

Hearthblaze- military fork, 4D, req. Str 3D, Dex 3D+2

Pyroclast- mace, 3D+2, req. Str 3D+2 Dex 4D

Immolateon- scimitar, 3D+2, req. Dex 4D+1

Stormsurf- scimitar, 3D+2, req. Dex 4d+1

Wavestrider- trident, 4D, req. Str 3D, Dex 3D+2

Floodbreaker- staff, 3D+1, req. Myst 5D

Vineseed- whip, 3D, req. Dex 3D Myst 3D

Lifebringer- spear, 3D+1, req. Myst 5D, Str 2D

Thanatops- scythe, 4D+1, req. Myst 3D, Dex 2D

Luminos- sabre, 3D+2, req. Dex 3D+1

Aurorealis- spear, 3D+2, req. Dex 2D, Myst 2D

Dayburst- bow, 3D+1, req Dex 4D

Frostbite- sickle gauntlets, 4D, req. Dex 4D, Myst 2D

Wintersnap- whip, 3D, req. Dex 4D

Blizzidar- one handed warhammer, 4D+1, req. Str 4D

Lifespanner- staff, 3D, req. Myst 4D

Aeon- khopesh,  3D+1, req. Dex 4D+2

Infiniaelus-  one handed warhammer, 3D+2, req. Str 4D

Depthcharge - fistblade, 2D+2, req. Dex 5D

Fullbreadth - spear, 4D, req. Dex 3D, Myst 2D

Longshot - bow, 3D+1, req Dex 4D

Each higharm is considered to have a kushi imbuance of its corresponding element.  This adds 2D to its damage.  Additionally each is an extremely finely crafted weapon created for great heroes and has an the equivalent of a eefa imbuance of destiny that adds +2 to hit.  Additionally each has at least one effect, spell, or magical property that must be discovered and activated by the user and may be dependant on the relationship and favor with the corresponding aygeema.



Apocryphal Higharms, and other artifacts and weapons of the War of Desolation

Omnitrypos - a blade coming to an infinitely small point, allowing it to cut through anything but pure larantha or its own sheath, 6D+2 when damage needs to be computed, req. Dex 5D

Soulhammer - a massive two handed war maul with a tarsi attached into either end, 7D, req. 5D+1 Str

Sheen Ber'Ehrin - possibly the most ancient surviving blade, tales of it exist from even before the Great Cataclysms among the Remnant, it is always strongly tied to vengeance, 4D+2 with imbuance of Life Cycle adding 1D, req.  Dex 4D

Oathbinder  - a wooden sword, somewhat like a training blade, that no matter what, will not draw blood..  It is a +3D on the hardness scale and is thus stronger than metal and will not dent. 

Mind's Eye - an amulet which allows the user to focus on a target and see the target's thought as illusions (which only the user can perceive), req 4D+2 in conjure illusion

Ardenta - a phylactery (small scroll in a box bound to the forehead) which increases spell damage by +2 and spell to hit by +1D

Axiom - a wand with a bewa holder (empty) that will fire a blast of whatever energy bewa is placed into it

Slashdot - a throwing star imbued with air energy for better flight and possessing gem-coated edges 4D, requires throwing weapons 3D

Partycrasher - a two handed club imbued with (strobing) light imbuances 6D+2, req str 5D+2

Talik's Lockpicks - a set of gem tipped warpicks 4D+1

Draygon's Toothpick - an ancient imbued javelin 5D

This Old Thing - a battered looking falcata imbued with time energy to give its appearance. 5D+1 damage

Eem'oh - a dagger whose life imuance requires blood from the bearer to activate, 4D+2 activated and +1 to hit, otherwise treated as normal dagger

Dustreaver - A handle with a pouch dangling from the bottom filled with dust.  When that dust is poured over the hilt, a hazy blade forms from the dust.  It fades after combat and the user must gather up a handful of dust from the battlefield and refill the pouch.  3D+1 +1D each: time and earth imbuance.

Orb of __________ - A concentrated powerstone from any type that produces  a physical effect of that element when ingested.