Name: Grinshoh

Gender: Male

Schools: Lorekeeper

Alignment: Earth

Age: 56

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 160lbs

Physical Description:Short and portly, Grinshoh looks as if best suited in a dark dusty library, because, well, he is. He wears a large mutli-colored hood, knit from the finest megasee wool, just like his favorite adventurer, Kalmihnak, the destroyer of the Pirates of the Seven Skulls. Of all the colors in the hat, and they're quite a few, purple, the color of his robe, is not one of them. He wears a long purple robe, that fits tightly around his ample belly, but loose everywhere else, belted with a large bronzed book belt buckle. His glasses are attached with a small chain around his head, and a large conch shell on a gaudy chain that sits square on his chest. He also has many pouches around his belt, and carries a huge backpack filled with books and writing materials as well as his cooking gear. He carries a staff in his left hand, but it is used more as a cane then an actual fighting weapon as he prefers his skillet when fighting.

Spheres: Academic, Political

Beliefs: make the best of every situation, 

find the link between past and present, 

preserve the knowledge of the past above all else, lest it repeat itself

Traits: pre-disposed, unobservant, wandering mind, when focused: an eye for detail

Character Description: Having spent most of his life in dark sections of the library reading dusty tomes, it is now time for Grinshoh to see the light of day and experience adventure firsthand. Sent as a link to establish ties between Aranos and his Lorekeeper's and the agents of light bent on stopping Enkho at all costs (Cinshah et al), he now runs with them on missions to prevent that future from happening. Off in his own world, he can become a nuisance to bear, but when he brings to light his powerful lore-keeping skills, his allies gain the power of the ancients reborn.

Interview With Grinshoh


 Mental: 5D+2

  • Scholar 6D+2
  • Text repair 5D+2 
  • Cooking 6D
  • Politics
  • Society

 Perception: 1D+2

  • Forge 4D



 Strength: 2D

  • Endurance 1D

 Dexterity: 2D

  • Staff
  • Parry
  • Frying Pan



 Will: 2D

  • Focus 6D

 Mysticism: 5D

  • Parable of Piety Tier 2 5D+1
  • Saga of Mighty Deeds Tier 2 5D+1
  • Chronicles of the Fool Tier 1
  • Inspiring Voice Tier 1
  • Lament of the Fallen Tier 1
  • Echoed refrain Tier 1
  • Shame of the Ancestors Tier 1 
  • Vicarious Veteran Tier 1



Bewaya: 32

Jofya: 23


Dayo Stones: 2

Other Posessions:

Cooking gear & kettle

assorted teas & spices, multi-colored hood

large conch necklace

a purple died robe

bronzed book buckle, reading spectacles, various pouches filled with knick knacks






assorted stories of adveturing nerds and how they overcame the dangers of the road, staff