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Golems are physical creations imbued with the spirit of an elemental and bound to a master.  They are built from any number of physical objects, usually having something to do with the specific element that possesses the body.  They generally assume a bipedal form similar to the alathaya and a yitali (the laranthan orb of a sprite, corresponding with whatever element the golem is to be associated with) is needed to create the creature.  Golems live to serve their creators and will obey them with an iron will, but to the exact letter of the command.  They posses no imagination and will take any command literally, occasionally yielding unfortunate or comical results.  The act of crating a golem requires a body for the golem, using a material associated with a specific element.  Thus fire golems are created from ashes, embers, or coal,  water golems from sand, coral,  or shells, earth golems from clay, rock, or mud, life cycle golems from wood, plants, or flesh, light golems from mirrors, lenses, prisms, or ice golems from ice or snow.  Air golems have not been recorded although the possibility remains.  Greater golems have been fashioned from any number of materials and last until completely destroyed, whereas lesser golems only last a short time before they dissolve back into their components.  

Classes of golems (in ascending standard size)

  • Golemlings are usually a foot tall, possess more of the personality traits of the sprite used in their creation, and are found to be quite cute by many individuals, even if they are "so ugly they're cute".  They may be made to be permanent and the yitali may be used to resummon the sprite if the golem is destroyed.
  • Lesser golems are commonly seen in larger cities and are the easiest to create.  They are created with a specific task in mind and last only until that task is completed, or at most several hours.  Often they are given only basic form.  Due to the weakness of the bond, the sprite orb is often intact after the collapse of the golem.
  • Standard golems last multiple days and are used in many utilitarian roles.  They often possess more evidence of care in their creation, from ornate sculpting or decorations or "personality traits" sculpted into them such as facial expressions or the like.  They last until the energy from the sprite fades or the golem's body is destroyed, which results in the fading of the sprite as well.
  • Greater golems take significant time to create, but their sheer power makes them often worth the trade off.  Due to the strain on the sprite, the golem will often last less than a day before the sprite fades and the golem begins to fall apart.



Golem Creation Table

  • Skills 

  • The following attributes remain the same always: Mental 1D, Perception 2D, Will 1D, Myst 0D
  • Golems commonly possess the following skills: Search, Intimidate, Lifting, Endurance, Unarmed, Dodge, Unarmed Block,  Resist Illness, Resist Poison, Control Pain
  • The following skills are a constant in any golem:  Search 2D, Dodge 2D+2, Resist Illness 9D, Resist Poison 9D, Control Pain 5D
  • Stats

  • Golemling: Str 1D, Dex 2D, Search 3D, Endurance 6D, Hide 4D, Sneak 3D, Unarmed and Unarmed Block 2D.  Additionally golemlings possess a subset of the charisma skill called cuteness at 5D.  Difficulty to create:  Golemcraft Tier 2, Difficulty level 5 or 6 to make permanent, build time 10 minutes

  • Lesser golem: Str 3D+2, Dex 2D, Intimidate 2D+2, Lifting 4D, Endurance 6D, Unarmed and Unarmed Block 3D+2.  Difficulty to create:  Golemcraft Tier 1,  Difficulty level 4, build time 10 minutes
  • Standard golem: Str 5D, Dex 3D, Intimidate 5D, Lifting 6D, Endurance8D, Unarmed 4D, Unarmed Block 3D+2.  Difficulty to create:  Golemcraft Tier 1,  Difficulty level 4, build time 30 minutes
  • Greater golem: Str 6D+2, Dex 4D, Intimidate 7D, Lifting 8D, Endurance 9D, Unarmed and Unarmed Block 4D+2.  Difficulty to create:  Golemcraft Tier 2,  Difficulty level 6, build time several hours

  •  Control


    Barring the bonding of a sprite to an individual, control of golems may be difficult.  The creation of a golem assumes the ability to control the golem.  Attempting to control multiple golems at the same time however has some penalty.  Each golem has a difficulty control rating (D.C.R.) listed as following:
    • Lesser golem                 2
    • Standard Golem             3
    • Golemling                        4
    • Greater Golem                4

              Difficulty in controling two or more golems can be found by taking                      the sum of the golems' difficulty control ratings and comparing                       them with the difficulties below.  

               Sum of D.C.R                      Difficulty Level

                    <4                                           4

                      5                                           5

                     6-8                                         6

                     8-10                                       7 

                     10-20                                     8

                     20+                                         9


A standard fire golem, sculpted from ash.  The orb of the fire sprite used to make it is visible in the chest.  

A greater golem and a golemling.