Drawings of Alathaya 

A typical female Alathay, with tattoo below left eye

 A typical male Alathay, with eye ridges darkened and tattoos

Alathay martial artist

Alathay brawler 


 This one is probably my favorite so far, so he gets to use up the most space.

 A soldier of the Tarabolis Protectorate, the military arm of the Council of Dafsohmet

Alathay swordsman

 A head study I did

A Terathi soldier, inspired by Ubaid ruins, which feature lizard headed goddess figures with shoulders similar to the picture as well as an odd mask, from which the above helmet is adapted.

An Alathay male

An Alathay male with face covered

A very tattooed Alathay

A female Alathay, probably a prophetess

A Justicar of the Meeari Tribunal.  I like the draped mask and the piercings...

A female Alathay who is probably fairly high society.  Her dorsal fin is of male proportions (my mistake while drawing, but i can work it in).  Perhaps it is fake and a ceremonial or fashion piece (it does have a pretty precise marking on it), perhaps she is just the result of very selective breeding and is from very elite bloodline with huge fins, or perhaps shes just a trannie (ha!!).  I think I opt for the first one.

 A necromancer.  A little on the sloppy side sketch-wise, but I love some of his details.  Really like the piercings, especially the pierced wrist.  How very masochistic...

A priestess presumably?

A group of marginal prophets (econ joke), with Zakkai, one of the archprophets.

The above picture established the look of the Alathaya, as well as capturing the tone and feel of the world.  Notice the fact that there are still pupils in Zakkai's eyes vs. the eyes of later drawings.  (This was the second drawing I ever did of Alathaya, about 5 years ago as a college freshman with too much free time.  Perhaps the only time in my life when I was not actually supposed to be doing anything else whatsoever, ah halcyon days, but thats another world entirely.  Sheesh Phil, blog somewhere else...)

The sketch that started it all, from the spring of '02.  Notice features i decided not to use such as the tail (though now i kinda wish i had kept that) and the very human pupils with white showing.  Also, did I really think attaching a hoe to a shovel at an awkwardly unrealistic angle would make the tool look alien?  Really love those shirts though, gotta use those s'more. 
more to come...