1. Inanimate objects walk about- barrels walk, chairs dance, utensils fly, and chests attack. dur.

  2. Wizards must save vs. wil on d20, or become comatose, due to the nature of the storm. dur.

  3. Ship, wagon, house, party & contents moved 1d10 hundred miles, to a similar storm.

  4. Ship, wagon, house, party & contents arrives from 1d10 hundred miles, from a similar storm. people confused.

  5. All ivory/leather/brass is turned to gold/cork/ice permanantly.

  6. Random individual(s) age 1d20 years... then return to normal at the end of the storm.

  7. Random individual(s) de-age 1d20 years... then return to normal at the end of the storm.

  8. Any books/scrolls/tablets flap about, flying everywhere, perhaps even attacking for storms duration.

  9. Trees appear in area from swirling mists... or trees disappear from area in swirling mist.

  10. A ship/wagon/house/party appear from nowhere, from 1d10 hundred miles from a sister storm.

  11. All holy symbols are turned into gold.

  12. A random weapon is turned into a children’s toy version, from the same region/time.

  13. A random weapon’s metal parts are turned into wood, and the wood parts are turned into metal.

  14. Any mages are overcome with magical power... it must be released at 5 mp per round or face possible burnout.

  15. Random individual grows one foot. (+1 siz) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  16. Random individual shrinks one foot. (-1 siz) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  17. Random individual gains rippling muscles. (+1 str) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  18. Random individual loses rippling muscles. (-1 str) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  19. Random individual gains heightened intellect. (+1 int) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  20. Random individual loses valuable intellect. (-1 int) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  21. Random individual gains valuable health. (+1 con) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  22. Random individual loses valuable health. (-1 con) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  23. Random individual gains headfastness. (+1 wil) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  24. Random individual loses headfastness. (-1 wil) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  25. Random individual gains beauty. (+1 app) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  26. Random individual loses attractiveness. (-1 app) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  27. Random individual gains agility. (+1 dex) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  28. Random individual gains clumbsyness. (-1 dex) subject to sav: power x3 on d100 or it happens.

  29. A nearby animal/plant/mineral gains intelligence and sentience, tries to speak...

  30. A magical item gains a new power or charges.

  31. Any alcohol is turned into salt/sugar/vinegar.

  32. Any wine/beer is turned into vitrae.

  33. Any vitrae is turned into spring water.

  34. Waterskins/bottles/barrels begin to boil, and then explode.

  35. A random large object levitates for the duration of the storm.

  36. A character’s beard/hair grows 1d6 feet in a matter of moments.

  37. A character’s hair turns into fine silver threads. if shaved off, it will regrow as hair. if not, it can be harvested.

  38. A character’s hair changes to fairre hair color... a luminescent everchanging silver.

  39. A character grows hair over entire body, until no skin can be seen at all... after the storm, it all falls out... healed.

  40. A character realizes that they “remember” a new language at 40% speak & 30% write.

  41. A week passes, though none realize it at first.

  42. A week is lost, though none realize it at first.

  43. Blue fragrant flowers sprout up all about, inside and out, on ship, land, house... permanant.

  44. A character now makes bublles when they sleep or dream.

  45. All objects of one character are polished, repaired, cleaned.

  46. All objects of one character are tarnished, worn, soiled.

  47. One characters metallic items are turned to a metallic red color. (ralu iron) perm.

  48. One weapon is turned into a musical instument. perm.

  49. One musical instument is turned into a quality musian instrument of the same kind. perm.

  50. A character’s shoes/boots lose thier soles. a barefooted character gains shiny buckled shoes. perm.

  51. One character’s cloak is turned into a raw looking wolf skin. (barbaric) perm.

  52. One musical instrument is turned into a wicked looking sword.


  54. The party is transported to vertikar square, Irva.

  55. One book’s writting is changed from one language to another.

  56. A small packet of sugar cookies is found in each of the party’s pack. ( very delicious)

  57. A character’s pack is filled with twigs/pinecones.

  58. Keys are turned into wax/glass/charcoal.

  59. All fires spittle and spark int ohundreds of colors.

  60. Ship/wagon/group/stuff gets sucked up in a “riddletwister” & ends up in riddle.

  61. A tree staggers to life... into a treant. if no trees, a tree sprouts.

  62. A metal objects rusts incredibly quickly...

  63. An object, (weapon, tool, holy symbol, etc.) duplicates it’s self perfectly, making two.

  64. All rations duplicate themselves... all are edible and as good as the original.

  65. Individual’s clothing duplicates its self, but at half size/double size/actual size.

  66. An inanimate object begins to weep salt tears, and does so every night. perm.

  67. Shrieking comes from nearby, and continues, though none can dicern it’s exact source. duration.

  68. A book/cup/bowl/plate speaks in an unintelligible tongue for the storms duration.

  69. It begins to rain flowers/toads/saltcrystals/colors/leaves/fur. duration.

  70. A bag of gold/coal/gems/rocks hits a character, no armor, for 1d4 dam. there are 13 items in the bag.

  71. A metal object is turned into crysteel. perm.

  72. A vessel/wagon/ship/packanimal turns into a different variety.

  73. Fairries tie up a character in fine and beautiful golden hair. (worth 300 gold in sirvat)

  74. A prismcat bargains with the group... he offers to stop the storm for a price... (Price = a memory/a year of life/an experience)

  75. A huge bellowing & laughing can be heard, echoing from the heavens. (ralu?...)

  76. Stormbulls can be seen charging from far overhead...

  77. All metallic objects begin to emitting a static charge.... all are shocked for 1d4 dam per rnd, until removed...

  78. A toy version of one character is found... made of wood, complete with miniaturized equiptment. (darian construction)

  79. A pack of butterflies pesters one character... they don’t leave until after the storm. fighting = more butterflies.

  80. A human/drann/dar/maejir/anthar/muse/tewieth/durga/bellhound doll is found, missing its head/arm/torso.

  81. A small bell can be seen orbiting around the head of one character, though it is seen by but one person.

  82. All eating utensils: forks, spoons, knives, ladels are bent into a tight knot.

  83. A package is found nearby, wrapped in brightly dyed cloth... inside is a key that fits the next object it isput in...

  84. A package is found nearby, wrapped in brightly dyed cloth... inside is 1d3 vitrae, and a normal mouse.

  85. A random character sprouts thorny bramble from clothes & bags/packs.

  86. A character’s bags inflate and stretch like balloons, rising up in the air and perhaps flying away... dur.

  87. Rations of all sorts grow into bushes, instantly producing a sour purple bulb fruit.

  88. A fairrie is attracted to one of the characters, and decides to travel with them for some time.

  89. A random character’s clothing is turned into leaves/flowers/parchment.

  90. A character’s book(s)/scrolls are turnedfrom parchment into silk.

  91. Black vines grow all about, entangling all, and perhaps even strangling all life.

  92. Tempreture quickly rises/falls 80 degrees. (whichever is more drastic)

  93. Magical items fly about, fighting each other in a playful manner. dur.

  94. A helmet is turned into wax/clay/glass/linen. perm.

  95. All cheeze doubles in size, but becomes extremly chewy. perm.

  96. Alcohol is turned into emcalph’s everpotent fuel/flowery perfume/ogra inkbrew. perm.

  97. Copper coins are turned into gold. perm.

  98. Gold coins are turned into copper. perm.

  99. Silver coins double in number.

  100. Platinum coins turn into glass.

  101. Any glassware turns into a finely tooled leather version. perm.

  102. All candles warp into strange figural shapes.

  103. All maps are reversed. (mirrored) perm.

  104. Any tattoos are changed into different colors/shapes/positions/locations. or if none, a character gains one.

  105. A character’s eyes change color/gains a large mage eye.

  106. A viquist associates itself with a character, though no mirror can be found. (perhaps it will lead them to it)

  107. A horned character’s horns grow/shrink; a non-horned character grows small puck nubs

  108. A rope is changed into a tarnished copper chain.

  109. A fairrie flies into a character’s skin, making a permanant fairrie tattoo.

  110. A random weapon/tool/object gains incredible roccoco ornamentation & gilding.

  111. One mirror now reflects a strange, rocky, sunless & shadowed land. (riddle) perm.

  112. A herd of pegasus fly by, frolicing with the fairries. perhaps one is black, or being ridden by a satyr.

  113. A darian giant suddenly appears, confused and hungry. (speaks a basic dar dialect.) perm.

  114. Any vitrae vials are doubled in number. perm.

  115. 1 vitrae vial is turned into: wine/dust/feathers.

  116. Gems are turned into glass marbles.

  117. The clothes of the plainest character are turned into a fine and brightly colored costume worth 800 gold.

  118. One character’s armor is turned into a cloth representation of armor, or the opposite for a clothed character.

  119. A character realized that they know a minor spell or cantrip. components and powerwords necessary.

  120. A wizard loses a spell or wand/scroll, and gains a viquist & quist mirror.

  121. All torches are turned into lanterns, all lanterns into torches.

  122. A shield surface is covered with a wonderful oild painting of a landscape/character/fantastic place.

  123. Roll once per character; apply the resuls per character.

  124. Roll 7 times and apply all results except this one.


  1. is weakened! lose 3d4 magic points, takes 2 days to recover!

  2. is Disoreinted! befuddled for 1d3 melee rnds.

  3. loses all body hair! sav vs con x 4 or permanant!

  4. loses/gains a wizard eye. (mage pupil, -1 or +1 pow)

  5. spontaneously combusts! 1d4 damage per round, until extinguished in 1d6 rounds.

  6. blinded by an uncontrolled greenmagic flash! lasting 1d6 melee rounds, and perhaps blinding others!

  7. spontaneously freezes! 1d8 damage, and a thick layer of ice covers everything in a 1d10 ft radius.

  8. is rendered etherial! Spirit leaves body for 1d10 sranks. body is immobile, and susceptible to spirit attack.

  9. is hit with direct feedback! caster/user is hit with full effect of spell or object.

  10. opens a random feedback! random person is hit for full effect of spell or object.

  11. misses or messes up in a most bad/dramatic way! game master’s choice. (make it crazy!)

  12. levitates 1d4 feet straight up, for 3d6 melee rounds, with no control of movement.

  13. is showered with darian rain! a small raincloud above your head follows and rains for 3d6 minutes.

  14. is showered with fall leaves! Damp, moldy, and slick, all movement here is at a -20% penalty.

  15. is pelted with chestnuts! roly-poly, sav vs balance or fall.

  16. calls up a small feystone in a violet flash. 1d8 ft tall, and encrusted with ancient runes. (in eld)

  17. hit with a sinker! feet sink into ground/floor/cobblestones 1 foot, until dug out.

  18. calls a wisper! a will-o-wisp is drawn to the caster’s head. -15% to all skills (distraction) for 1d6 rnds.

  19. clothes decay! they lose color and are easily torn, ripped, and completely rot within one week.

  20. is attacked by a spirit fiend. sav pow vs 17 on resistance chart, or lose 1 pow and fight again.

  21. Reeks! a horrible stench engulfs caster! sav will 16 on resistance chart or be sick!

  22. spell/device is covered in stone! (stone glyph) object must be chipped free!

  23. glows brightly in an orange light aura for 1d3 melee rounds.

  24. falls asleep! sav will vs 15 on resist chart to awaken, 1 attempt per round.

  25. caster is hit with spell backfire! opposite desired effect occurs!

  26. spell/effect is refracted! desired outcome effects all in a 1d10 ft radius, including caster!

  27. sheep summoning! a small grey (yaro) sheep appears, with copper neck chime. 1/2 remaining mp are used.

  28. summons a dust devil, which stirs up dust and dirt all about caster. -15% to all skills for 1d10 minutes.

  29. is paralized and falls to the ground for 1d10 strike ranks.

  30. gains a wart patch! roll on hit chart for location! (perm, until 3 vitrae are consumed in rapid succession.)

  31. gains a limp! random leg. (perm, until 3 vitrae are consumed in rapid succession.)

  32. is surrounded by arcane chalk scribings! [move immediately or be summoned elsewhere!]

  33. accidentally summons a lithic! (d100 = exact siz)

  34. accidentally summons 1d6 brown burgans. (the brown have been extinct for 8 centuries.)

  35. has one article/belonging turned into lacquered birch wood.

  36. mage toads! pockets fill with 3d6 small white toads. (croaking happily when near the mage!)

  37. salt mushrooms sprout in a circle around caster. they are not edible, but ahnkri love them.

  38. salt crystals appear in a circle around caster, killing any plant life for 40 years.

  39. calls forth a steam gyser - shoots every third hour, 3d10 feet high, very hot! 1d4 damage.

  40. mentally fatigued by the arts! -20% to all skills until character sleeps for 6 hours.

  41. cloak, coat, staff turn a different color.

  42. uncontrollably levitates, 1d3 feet off of the ground for 1d10 minutes!

  43. hair grows 1d6 feet, using 1d3 charges or 1d10 magic points.

  44. an old wood sign appears, painted with maejir writing. (beware: apprentice at work.) paint is wet.

  45. a small red jar imp is summoned, which looks about, screams, and scurries off! jebella

  46. spell/effect is incomplete! it solidifies into a mystic weave of carbon, then falls to the ground...

  47. slimed! a protoplasmic gell from the unseen world splatters the mage...

  48. gains a blue magemark on left hand/arm, permanently. (Very many marks means that one is a poor mage.)

  49. covered with filth from head to toe! stinky, attracting monsters...

  50. roll on catastophy chart!

Catastrophy Chart

  1. blinded by a spiritual flash, for 1d3 melee rounds!

  2. mystic insurrection! 1d6 general damage from such a fey mistake.

  3. character ages one year, permanently.

  4. loses 1d6% in skill that failed, if appropriate.

  5. mage is turned into a chestnut tree for 1d4 melee rounds.

  6. slowed! everything that the mage does occurs 4 strike ranks later, for 1d4 melee rounds.

  7. Kerzapp! spell effect hits nearest friend for full effect! character may attempt to avoid at -30%

  8. zapp! spell effect hits self for full effect! no save.

  9. everyone close to the caster, friend and foe alike, are transported 1d10 miles away!

  10. roll twice more, applying both results.

  11. roll twice more, applying only the mages choice.

  12. fizzt! blue smoke, sparks and fire erupt, but with no harm to anyone. great for magic shows!