Frost Warden

The Ice King is an oxy-moron! 

Difficulty      Skill               Effect

    2                      Icy Path (Tier 1)                                target's movement cut in half, aoe debuff

    3                      Iceball (Tier 1)                                  does 3D+2 damage

    3                      Icy Resolve (Tier 1)                         +2 to will, buff

    3                      Blizzard (Tier 1)                                -2 per, -1D to hit, -1D+1 to hit ranged, AOE debuff

    3                      Frostbite (Tier 1)                               -2 body*

    3                      Hoarfrost (Tier 1)                              imbue weapon with +1 cold damage, buff

    4                      Frostbite (Tier 2)                               -2 body*, -1 mind 2nd round and following

    4                      Iceball (Tier 2)                                   does 4D damage

    4                      Hoarfrost (Tier 2)                              imbue weapon with +2 cold damage, double length buff

    4                      Numbing Cold (Tier 1)                     Doubles target's casting time, debuff

    4                      Glacial Skin (Tier 1)                          +2 to armor, buff

    4                      North Polearm (Tier 1)                     +2 to hit with polearms, passive

    4                      Frozen Expanse (Tier 1)                  attack opponent one turn away, requires polearm

    4                      Rime (Tier 1)                                     immobilizes** target for 1D/2 turns, debuff

    5                      Frostbite (Tier 3)                               -1D body*, -2 mind 2nd round and following

    5                      Blizzard (Tier 2)                                 -1D+1 per, -1D+2 to hit, -2D to hit ranged, AOE debuff

    5                      Hoarfrost (Tier 3)                              imbue weapon with +1D cold damage, buff

    5                      Iceball (Tier 3)                                   does 4D+2  damage

    5                      Glacial Skin (Tier 2)                          +1D to armor, buff

    5                      Hailstorm (Tier 1)                             does 3D+1 damage, aoe

    6                      Frostbite (Tier 4)                               -1D+2  body*, -1D mind 2nd round and following

    6                      Iceball (Tier 4)                                    does 5D damage

    6                      Hoarfrost (Tier 4)                              imbue weapon with +1D+2 cold damage, buff

    6                      Glacial Skin (Tier 3)                          +1D+2 to armor, buff

    6                      Hailstorm (Tier 2)                                does 4D damage, aoe


 Key Skill: Conjure Ice

*except damage saves

** doing 4 damage to the rime frost (body of 3D) cancels the effect

†  does not stack with eefa, regular, or kushi imbuance of cold or other elements

‡  ice has a hardness of -1 and a body of 3D, if such factors are needed 

The Academy of Frost serves only the just-discovered Aygeema of Cold, Neeva, and is headed up by Arch-Warden Aelthos.  Having no historical precendent, there is not yet anyone of higher (epic) rank.  Cultivating the virtues of repose, resolution, mastery over emotions, self, and passions, contentment in all circumstances, survival, and devotion, the frost wardens are by far the smallest school, although growing quickly.  Initiates are trained first in meditation and the use of polearms, representing the blend of mystical and physical unique to this school.  Aelthos's background in the priestly and prophetic academies is seen in the devotion shown to Neeva and the use of spells.  His time with the Shenos Khit learning ascetic martial arts and time in the gladatorial arenas making use of polearms are reflected in the trademark use of polearms and acrobatic physical combat.