Eyes and Flowpoints

Focused Points of Dimensional Energy 

"Eye" is an ancient nickname for a specific area that has extremely powerful ties to a specific elemental dimension.  It seems to be a portal of that specific element's energy to the world.  The space surrounding the eye manifests the element in various ways, spawning elemental beings, radiating the element, and sometimes distorting various laws of physics and reality.  Eyes were most probably the first place that people came in contact with the Aygeemya and were used as early centers of worship.  The Aygeemya manifest themselves in their respective eyes as well as at their temple.  The eye, in Alathay understanding, is seen as a consumer, or ingester of light.  The word for eye is oothebeema, from "oo" meaning light and "theb" meaning to take in/consume/draw in.  The areas drawing such high amounts of energy were then referred to as "eyes".  They are referenced in the prophecy of the Kushi'Aweh.

The Flutekey of Arenethka, one of several such ancient keys able to re-open closed flowpoints.

Minor versions of eyes exist in various places around the world as well.  They are simply called flowpoints or minor flowpoints.  There are often shrines or statues at such flowpoints. 

A statue at a flowpoint of light

Names of Eyes

Water- Torrenterii

Ground- Terrakhan (in caves in southern Teres)

Air- Aeolan (off the cliffs of Milotho)

Fire- Infernius

Light- Solarii

Life- Botanicus (in the tombs of Demeth)

Ice- Cryosara

Time- Aeternus

Space- Vekhtoris (in  The Tomb of Arenethka)