The language of Alatha 

Coming soon.  Or alternatively, once I figure out how to work in a font I still have to make...maybe I will just have to scan in the notebook sheets I have.

The existing consonant sounds are z, j (as in Jack), m, sh, s, r, kh (using a palatal stop), f, th (as in thought), d, l, n, b, w, y (as in yak), t, v, g (as in god), and h (as in happy).  The vowel sounds are ee (as in free), oh (as in omega), eh (as in vent), ih (as in tip), oo (as in food), ay (as in ray), and ah (as in stop).



Tohkoo ee'latheiya

Nah fahya Dayokhlanya lama'berei fee ten tohkoo, tohkoo eh'saboeloiya dakheb fee.  Nah Gohmbfree, Ombra, Jarakeh, Saykoo Nahra, kih Eenkho.